What to Buy for your New Cat – Guide for New Cat Owners

  • By nishwa
  • November 22, 2022
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What to Buy for your New Cat – Guide for New Cat Owners

Before adopting a cat into your family, you need to make sure that you can provide your cat with everything they need to live a fulfilled life. Be prepared to give all your love to them whether you have to pet them, play with them, care for them or just watch them and admire them. You have to keep them healthy and take care of their hygiene since they are most concerned about it.

It’s not as hard as it seems because you can buy whatever is necessary to provide for your new kitty. We have a checklist for you so you can buy the items which your cat needs in its new home. We’re sorry to not mention the whole world because that’s what they truly deserve.

Here are a few things to bring home for your new cat, you can click on any of these to skip to that specific section of our guide:

  1. Cat food & bowls
  2. Litterbox & scented litter
  3. A Harness or Collar
  4. A Cat Carrier
  5. Cat Bed
  6. Cat Hair Brushes
  7. Cat Shampoo
  8. Cleaning and Grooming tools
  9. Scratching posts or Cat Trees
  10. Cat Toys

1. Cat Food & Bowls

Cat bowls - Shopping Guide for new cat owners

Some cats prefer dry food, some like canned food, and some will only eat wet food if they are super moody. Before buying cat food, check the ingredients or ask the vet if the food you chose is healthy and safe for your cat or not. If you want to change the cat food which the previous owners were giving then, reduce the amount of the old cat food slowly as you increase the new one’s amount. This is because your cat can get diarrhea and/or start vomiting due to a sudden diet change.

Food bowls for cat food and water bowls for water are essential items to buy before welcoming your cat. Keep the bowls clean by washing them twice a week and make sure to pour fresh water every day into their bowls. You can find these bowls and containers On Amazon or your local pet store as well. If your cat isn’t drinking enough water then you can even buy a water fountain, they love it!

2. Litter Box & Scented Litter

Litter Box & Scented Litter for newly adopted cats

Nobody wants their home to smell really bad, especially the parents who are against getting a new pet. You can purchase a plain and simple plastic box for litter which you can purchase between 5-10 dollars easily from online stores. You can also get a self-cleaning litterbox which might be more expensive but it gets the job done for you.

Buying scented litter is very important because it decreases the odor and the cats love it too! (Lavender is one of their favorite scents). The good news is, we’ve got you covered with our litter guide on Catish to help you find the best scented or unscented litter for your newly adopted kitty.

3. A Cat Harness or Collar

A Cat Harness or Collar for your new cat

Please don’t take any risks for going through the trauma of losing your cat, it hurts ALOT so we advise you to at least get a simple collar or harness for your cat. You can get it personalized with your cat’s name, your home address, or your phone number stitched on it too. You can also buy reflective collars as it becomes easier to spot them in the dark.

Cats can get very sneaky and lose their way back to their homes, or even worse is that someone else can carry your cat home if they think it’s a stray. Another good option is to install a GPS tracker with the collar so you can find your cat and track their activity whenever you want. You can find all kinds of collars, harnesses, and trackers online and we have even published a guide for buying the best cat harness for your little one.

4. Cat Carrier Backpack

Cat Carrier Backpack for your cat

You cannot pick up your cat and travel outside for too long whether it’s a trip to the vet, park, or anywhere walking with you. Cats can get stressed out while traveling especially in cars or around too much noise. That is why you need to carry them around in a pet carrier/bag. Your cat can comfortably sit in the carrier without you having to worry about them running away or making a mess.

Even if they do make a mess in the carrier, you can easily wash them and reuse them! Most of them are airy and comfy for your cat and easy to handle like a bag for you. And you guessed it, we have also published a guide for the best cat carriers for your cat, including a guide about cat carriers for air or car travel.

5. Cat Bed

Comfy Cat Bed for your Cat

A warm and comfy place for your cat to sleep or sit in means treating them like a princess/prince. We know they will still hop onto your bed or at the top of a dusty wardrobe and no one has any idea why. But, they do love to snuggle up there when they want to knead or feel warm and cozy.

If they want to sleep alone in their bed, let them. If they want to sleep in your bed, LET THEM. Your cat needs to feel warm in the winter so bless them with a bed, they will love you more for it. Here are some basic DIY cat beds you can put together yourself.

6. Brushes

Brush for your shedding cat

To avoid your cat’s fur from shedding everywhere, you should brush their coat daily. Brushing your cat’s fur also prevents matts from forming which can cause itchy and hot skin. Hygiene of your cat’s teeth is also very important.

You can buy a toothbrush for your cat and brush their teeth with toothpaste which is specifically for cats. Brush their teeth at least thrice a week to Keep your cat clean and healthy so it can stay safe from any life-threatening diseases.

7. Cat shampoo

Medicating shampoo for your cat's hygiene

Cats need a bath at least once a month because they groom themselves to stay clean. Sometimes, cats can get certain skin conditions such as dry skin, fungal infection, dermatitis, fleas in fur, etc. Different types of medicated shampoos are available for every kind of skin condition. Cat shampoos for normal and sensitive skin are also available online on amazon or in pet stores. Avoid shampoos with artificial, strong scents, and choose the ones with natural ingredients.

8. Cleaning Tools

Having a pet cat can get a little messy. Is the nothing to clear the litter with? Is there litter outside the litter box? Are your clothes and sofas filled with cat fur?

If you want to avoid these problems then you can get the perfect tools to clean the mess your cat will make. Get a litter scoop to clean the litter easily, and get a pet hair-removing roller or lint roller to stick the annoying fur off of your clothes and furniture. And finally, a handheld vacuum to get rid of litter outside the litter box. It can come in very handy as cats can sometimes get crazy and create a mess. Don’t be afraid, you will still love your cat endlessly.

9. Scratching post or Cat Tree

Scratching post or Cat Tree

Cats need a scratching post to sharpen their nails, mark their territory, and exercise. If a cat is not provided with a nice scratching post or a cat tree then they will ruin your furniture and carpets. They love to scratch and if you think you can avoid their presence near your sofas and not buy a separate scratching post for them then, don’t blame us for not warning you.

You can choose different sizes and styles of scratching posts or cat trees with scratch posts built into them, we have written a review round-up to help you choose the best cat tree for your cat.

10. Toys for your cat

Toys and exercise wheels for your new kitty

Last but not least, TOYS! Did you know that cats playing is a sign of good health?

Playing with toys can improve many different skills in cats such as hunting, social, coordination, stalking, etc. It is also a form of exercise that keeps your cat happy and satisfied, a good example is Cat exercise wheels. They can turn bottle caps into toys but, don’t be so insensitive and get your cat toys to play with.

A true cat lover can never get enough things for their cat. It is an endless list but, we came out with this shopping guide for you to know what a cat owner really needs before getting a new pet kitty. We wish you all the best, all the love, care, and affection so you can give it to your baby.

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