Best Cat Litters Of 2023 – Top Litters Reviewed

Best Cat Litters Of 2022 - Tested and Reviewed

Having to pick after your feline can be very annoying and exhausting, You don’t want your cat making a mess throughout the house. Training them to do their business on cat litter is the way to go about it but cats are very picky about that too. If the cat litter is too textured, or the odor is unwelcoming, you will see your feline simply move out and take a dump on the floor because it doesn’t feel comfortable in there.

So, we have now established that every cat owner must have a suitable cat litter to make life easy for them and their cat but wait, which one should it be?

The market is filled with thousands of them. Don’t worry because we saved you time by testing most of the cat litter on the market and digging out the best cat litter available.

1. WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER Original Unscented

WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER Original Unscented

This cat litter by World’s Best is going to satisfy both your cat and you because it performs best in all departments. A low amount of dust means cats with asthma can easily use and owners, if they have the same condition, can easily clean it, without it being triggered.

Thanks to the amazing odor control, the litter box will smell fresh for a longer time. And a good-smelling litter is necessary for the cat to sit on it and do its business. The natural litter clumps pretty quickly allowing you to quickly get the job done and with high-quality material used to form the litter, you will find that the scooping process is also very easy.

The litter has been tested to be flushable so forget those long walks carrying it to the trashcan, and it is also safe for the sewer system so it just saved you on that plumbing cost as well. It really does tick all boxes.

2. Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Litter

Purina Yesterday's News Non-Clumping Paper Litter 2

Yes, clumping litter is the easiest way to go about the whole process because it is easy to clean up, but if you have a cat who has recently had surgery, or a cat with medical conditions like diabetes, or a kitten, well then it is preferred that you go for a non-clumping litter, let me explain why.

Purina Yesterday’s News is a non-clumping cat litter that is really helpful compared to clumping litter as that tends to stick to any recent incisions if your cat had surgery and that might irritate the feline, resulting in it trying to scratch itself. The non-clumping factor in this litter will also allow you to track your cat’s urine output if has conditions like diabetes.

They claim their litter is 99.9% dust free and we agree, that claim seems pretty accurate. This cat litter is extremely lightweight, a factor that cat owners really like. The only factor which most people might not like is its premium price.

3. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter 2

If you have multiple cats, you want the litter to be lightweight so you can easily carry it when you bring it to the house, or when you have to pick it up once the cats are done doing their business. And, you would also want good odor control because you want the house to smell nice and fresh even if 5 cats just took a dump.

Well, you are bound to get that with Tidy Cats clumping litter. The litter forms nice-sized clumps that are easy to scoop out and throw away. The pouring process is also going to be very easy for you because there is very dust that comes out, keeping your house clean and you safe from a spree of sneezes.

4. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Cat Litter

Multiple cats have multiple needs which means if you have 5 cats, you might need 5 different types of cat litter for each cat to be satisfied and sit in to do the dirty. Well, what if there was a cat litter that was standardized enough to be usable by multiple cats with different preferences? Good news, Dr. Elsey’s with their Ultra cat litter have cracked the cat (I know I know).

Firstly, the litter is clumping so it going to be very easy to scoop and clean allowing you to do it for multiple cats in very little time. Next up, it has all the benefits for all sorts of cats to sit in and do the work. The odor is controlled to perfection and with no dyes or perfumes added to the litter, it sort of works as a “one for all” for all cats making it the most suitable cat litter for households with multiple cats.

And if you are allergic to dust or have medical conditions like asthma, you don’t have to worry a bit because there is barely any dust in this litter. You can try it by purchasing a bag and pouring it into a box (see what I did there?)

If you think the products mentioned above are slightly out of your budget, well this is the one for you because it’s very affordable.

5. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal cat Litter - Best Cat litters of 2023

Arm & Hammer provides cat litter that can remain odor free for as long as 7 days and they have gone as far as guaranteeing this, and the purchasers agree. And that’s not even its best feature. The best part is that the cat litter is 100% dust free. This means you won’t be accumulating any dust in the house when you pour the litter and cats with allergies to dust can easily use it.

Not only does the litter form easy-to-use clumps but the amazing granule formula allows it to form a tight seal around the clumps, sealing the odor right there and then. And then the Arm & Hammer baking soda, incorporated into the formula, completely destroys that sealed litter. You won’t ever feel like a cat pooped in the box you are cleaning, at least in terms of smell.

6. Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Clumping Litter

Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Clumping Litter

The super scoop cat litter, as the name suggests, forms clumps in terms of easily being scooped out. Cat owners would know having a scented litter may never get used by the cat as they are very picky when it comes to smells.

So if for some reason, you can’t make time to scoop the clumped litter out you don’t have to worry about your house smelling terrible because the unscented litter granules have Arm & Hammer baking soda blended into the formula that destroys all odors.

7. Okocat Unscented Clumping Wood Cat Litter

Okocat Unscented Clumping Wood Cat Litter 2

The environment is extremely important when it comes to pooping, and even peeing at times. I personally wouldn’t want to take a dump sitting on a toilet seat that is rough or a bit pebbly. Well, cats don’t like that either. They won’t step in such litter and will always do the dirty on the floor. Thanks to Okocat’s existence, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the floors all the time.

The texture of the litter is that of an extremely smoothened-out wood. Now that’s a material you would want to sit on and poop on (and so would your cat). The litter is unscented and an innovative formula allows this brand to stand in the list of best odor-controlled cat litter.

That means you don’t have to scoop out the clumps every single time your cat goes to the bathroom because you won’t be smelling all the bad smells for some time. The litter is also plant-based that instantly makes it the healthiest choice among all the options out there. Cats can eat the litter, it is a known fact and the confirmation of having a healthy litter won’t concern you as much.

Important Things To Consider While Choosing A Cat Litter

Texture: Cats are very picky when it comes to the surface of the litter. It is essential to make sure you purchase cat litter that isn’t rough or pebbly because they will never want to enter such a litter. Instead, look for a litter that is smooth in texture. I would suggest you go for something that is powdery, in the form of fine particles. Cats really like to get in there.

Scent: Scents are another big no when it comes to getting cat litter unless you know exactly the kind of smells your cat prefers. Cats get very finicky when it comes to smell and may never step into that litter because of an odor too strong or too light. So it is always preferable to get cat litter that is unscented. Look for litters that are great at controlling the odor without the help of perfumes.

Clumping/Non-Clumping: The easiest-to-use way of going about cat litter is to get a clumping litter. It makes solid clumps with the dirt which makes it easy to scoop out and clean. But there are times when you shouldn’t use clumping litter. Non-Clumping cat litters are good for cats who have recently been through surgery because it doesn’t stick.

And for cats who eat the litter, non-clumping litter is slightly easy on the stomach compared to the clumping one. So the decision here depends entirely on the situation your cat is currently in.

I hope this guide will help a lot with the decision-making process with regard to getting the best litter for your cat. It will obviously depend on other factors too like your budget but these litters are the best out of them all to get and you can easily make a selection based on your cat’s needs and habits.

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