7 Best Cat Harnesses For Walking, Hiking And Traveling

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Some people may disagree by questioning the benefit of a cat harness when a cat leash can perform the same job. But what they don’t realize is that there’s a big difference. Unlike dogs, cats have very delicate and sensitive necks, and putting them directly on a leash can cause choking and neck strain.

In rare cases, it can even cause death via asphyxiation (otherwise known as suffocation). So, to avoid any unfortunate events, it’s best for all pet owners to first complete their research and then take any decision.

To make the job easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best cat harnesses and cat leashes on the market. But, before we begin, it’s essential that you know the difference between the two basic styles of cat harnesses that are readily available — leads and vests. Leads are a number of interconnected straps which attach to the leash.

On the other hand, vests are similar to pieces of clothing that cover most parts of the cat’s body. Now, both of these types have their own pros and cons which is why we have sorted them all out — for your ease — in accordance with their best features below. Take a look.

Our picks for Best Cat Harnesses And Leashes

If you want to know more details about the safest cat harness  products we have listed, scroll down below and choose which petsafe cat harness fits your needs perfectly:

Rabitgoo Cat Harness and Leash are specially designed for everyday use. It’s both comfortable and stylish and ensures your feline’s safety at all times. This vest-style harness is made of soft and lightweight material with breathable air mesh that allows your pet to stay cool on hot sunny days. It’s a perfect pick for anyone who takes their cat for jogging, training, exercise, and other outdoor activities on a daily basis. Rabitgoo cat harness is escape-proof as it has four adjustable straps that give your cat a perfect fit. The best part is that it smartly distributes the leash pressure on the harness preventing the cat from choking or getting a neck strain. The harness also has reflective strips on it so it’s visible in dark.

The 4 adjustable straps on the harness also make it very easy to put on and take off. Overall, it’s a good option for anyone who is a first-time buyer as it covers every important feature that a cat harness should have in general.

Unlike the common vest-styled harness with breathable air mesh, the Voyage step-in cat harness has an all-weather mesh that is suitable for outdoor activities all year round! With this vest, you don’t have to worry whether it’s summer, spring, or even winter, this special material offers internal ventilation regardless of the outside environment. This product also has reflective bands on either side to enhance visibility in the dark. The loop fastener, buckle, and double D-rings work together to provide maximum security. Not just this, this is also an easy-to-wear vest harness that doesn’t require too many adjustments. Just slide your little furball in and you’re good to go!

This is much like the regular Voyager step-in air harness, except that it is extremely comfortable. This vest-styled harness is made of soft and warm plush material which increases comfortability. Making it an excellent choice for cats with delicate and sensitive skin. But that’s not all! This kitty harness is easy-to-wear and it comes with reflective bands for more visibility at night. It also comes with three layers of security which ensures that the harness stays on at all times. All in all, it has all the general features with some extra comfort.

The Rabitgoo kitten harness has magic tape and back buckle that makes the vest escape proof. No matter how hard the little furbaby tries, it can never get out unless the vest is taken off. Making it a good choice for cats who constantly try to slide out. However, this harness is more than just a reliable choice. It’s made of superior material with soft-edged mesh padding ensuring both comfort and good internal ventilation. It also contains a fast-release buckle and metal D-rings for leash attachment for extra security.

For first-time use it’s recommended that cats are given proper time to get familiar with the harness. (They may not be so comfortable with it in the beginning).

This product is rather a unique one. Unlike all the traditional harnesses, the PetSafe kitty harness and leash is a leads-style harness that comes with a special shock-absorbing leash. It prevents cats from minor injuries and strains by reducing the force of impact. The straps also focus the pressure of the leash on the shoulders rather than on the neck. While this is an excellent harness it’s specifically made for kitties in particular for cats with a chest girth of 9-11 inches. The two adjustment points on the harness allow an easy and custom fit for the cat.

This Rabitgoo escape-proof cat harness is made with air mesh padding with soft edges. It also has magic tapes and buckles on the neck and chest for double security. So, there’s both comfort and security in one product. Much like the general vest-styled harnesses this is easy to wear. It has an open-loop neck design which makes wearing and taking off the harness easy while also providing ample room for adjustment.

There are a number of options when it comes to comfort and safety. But not many when it comes to style. So, this product is an easy fix. Beirui suede rhinestone leather cat harness is mainly for aesthetics. It’s a leads-style harness full of beautiful sparkling rhinestones that look very prominent. It’s an excellent pick for cat shows and other fancy events. Interestingly enough, this harness also covers some other essential features of a cat harness in addition to its appeal. The harness is lightweight and made of 100% of suede material.

But the best part about Beirui is that it gives a money-back guarantee. So, if it’s not something you or your cat feels comfortable with, you can always have it replaced or refunded with no hassle.

Best Cat Harness Buying Guide & FAQs

What to look for in a cat harness?

  • It should be pet friendly. If it’s uncomfortable for the cat—in any way—it will never work regardless of how much effort you put in.
  • It should be escape-proof. There’s no point in buying a cat harness if the cat can easily slide out of it (which cats are very good at because they’re basically liquid)
  • It should have breathable air mesh. For a vest-styled harness, air mesh is important because otherwise, it can cause skin problems for cats.
  • It should contain reflective bands. They increase visibility at night and lessen their chance of getting hit by cars when outside.

Optional: Pairing up the cat harness with a bungee leash is always a good idea as it kind of acts like a shock absorber and prevents sharp pulling or tugging.

Types of cat harnesses:

There are two basic styles of cat harnesses:


This style consists of multiple straps directly attached to a leash.


Unlike leads, these are vests that cover most parts of the cat’s torso. They’re more like small pieces of clothing.

Benefits of using a cat harness:

Confining cats in their carriers when traveling is not always the best option. At some point we have to let them out so they can walk around, stretch and feel better. But at the same time, it’s risky as cats can easily get lost. So, that’s where a cat harness comes in handy. It keeps cats active by giving them the freedom to move around while also ensuring their security.

Not to mention, it makes traveling fun and keeps the owner engaged. Getting a cat harness can also be economical as it ends the need to carry a travel litter box.

Now that we have seen some of the best cat harnesses in the market, it’s time for some related frequently asked questions.


What is the best type of cat harness?

Both leads and vests have their own pros and cons so it all comes down to whatever works best for your pet. Leads can equally distribute pressure on the shoulders while vests can do the same but at the same time can cover most of the cat’s torso and make them feel more comfortable.

How to put on a cat harness?

As soon as the cat is stable, slide the H or figure-eight-styled harness over its head and fasten all the straps. If the harness is a vest design, put it on the cat and fasten the neck and midsection clips.

What type of harness is best for travel?

A comfortable vest-styled cat harness with air mesh padding is the ideal choice for long-distance travel. However, for additional safety, using a bungee leash is always a good idea as it prevents sharp pulling and gives cats more room to walk around.

How to harness train a cat?

The best way to harness-train a cat is through positive reinforcement. Place the harness on the cat without the leash attached and let the cat wander around for a while and give him/her a treat.

Then take off the harness and repeat the process. However, be sure to only give treats when the cat is wearing the harness.

How to take cats outside on a harness?

In the beginning, choose an open place with some sort of fence. First, let the cat get comfortable with the harness then let the cat outside. Let him/her wander around first and choose their own direction. Eventually, your cat will get used to it and go out with ease.

So, which harness are you planning to get for your furry friend? Drop a comment in the box below and share your thoughts with us!

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