7 Best Wet Cat Food For A Balanced Diet For Your Cat

Buying Guide For Best Wet Cat Food 2022

One must be aware of the dietary requirements of their cat in general. Cats normally tend to prefer a diet that is high in protein. The cat food should contain a sufficient amount of fatty acids and a hint of carbohydrates just so they can reach their daily nutritional requirements with ease and can perform at their best.

A great tip is to always read the packaging label in order to select the best food for your cat.

Vitamins help us get through the day so make sure to get wet cat food that is rich in:

  • Vitamins A, B, C
  • Folic Acid
  • B12
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • and lots more healthy inputs appropriate for your cat

Please make sure to never overfeed your cat just because the cat food is full of healthy stuff. Too much of the good stuff isn’t good either so try to go by the instructions mentioned on the product and provide your cat with accurate portion sizes.

And lastly, you should be aware of who you are feeding. Knowing what stage of life your cat is at is extremely important because that is the core deciding factor for what sort of ingredients should the cat food contain. Kittens are in a growing phase so select cat food that is protein-rich where in the case of an adult or senior cats, high protein and fat could result in them going overweight so try to keep those ingredients to a minimum in their diet.

Best Wet Cat Food for Your Feline Friend

I can assure you that making a purchasing decision regarding wet cat food for your cat would be much easier after reading this guide as it’ll clear a lot of things in your mind.

1. Instinct Grain Free Wet Cat Food – Paté

Instinct Grain Free Wet Cat Food Pate

If your goal is to provide your cute cat with the best possible wet cat food on the market, look no further because Instinct’s Original Grain-Free Pate cat food is your solution to a healthy and nutritious diet.

Instinct’s wet canned cat food comes in two sizes, and different meat choices so you have the flexibility to pick and choose the best combination best cater to your cat’s needs. Instinct claims their wet canned cat food is 95% meat taken from the freshest sources while keeping animal sustainability in mind.

2. ZIWI Peak Wet Canned Food

ZIWI Peak Wet Canned Food

ZIWI has only one aim when it comes to providing cat food for cats and that is to make it very holistic, enjoyable, and able to fulfill all health requirements. For that, ZIWI’s wet cat canned food is packed with the most natural ingredients, meat, and organs catered specifically to the nutritional needs of your cat.

The cat food is absolutely grain-free, which means it does not have any wheat, corn, or soy, so you don’t have to worry about any of those scary allergies. There are multiple flavors to choose from and the product is available in packings of 12 and 24, with different weight options.

3. Sheba Paté Wet Cat Food

Sheba Paté Wet Cat Food

Sheba aims to provide top-of-the-line cat food to cats because they absolutely deserve it. Their premium ingredients are catered to the daily food and health requirements of pet cats. Cats can eat 4 to 7 servings of their delicious cat food.

Sheba’s Pate wet cat food is a direct competitor to canned cat food, they aim to provide the same healthiness but in a more fresh, portable, easy-to-use way. The ease of usage comes from the trays that are very easy to peal and serve to the cat, and the boxed packets are very easy to carry as well.

4. Wellness Wet Canned Cat Food

Wellness Wet Canned Cat Food

Wellness is back with new, attractive packaging maintaining the same amazing quality of wet canned cat food because its mission is to never compromise on the quality and wellness of the cats. Wellness wet canned cat food specifically caters the adult cats with just the right amount of proteins and essential nutrition to keep them healthy, happy, and hungry for more, and all of that while maintaining their body weight.

The cat food is absolutely grain free which eliminates any incurrence of skin or stomach-related infections. With a meal that is all-natural and a formula that is rich in antioxidants, your cat is bound to live a sustainably healthy life while munching on this delicious cat food.

5. Purina Urinary Tract Help Wet Canned Cat Food

Purina Urinary Tract Help Wet Canned Cat Food

Purina’s Pro Plan wet canned food is specially designed to help cats avoid any urinary tract infections while keeping up with the daily nutrition requirement for a sustainable and very healthy life. When cats grow old, they get prone to many infectious diseases and one of them is urinary tract infection, and we all know a healthy urinary tract is very important to live life at your full potential.

Along with serving its primary purpose of protecting cats from having a potential urinary tract infection, the cat food has high a very high moisture content making it easy to ingest and digest. The cat food also keeps body pH levels as neutral as possible to avoid any issues related to acidity.

6. Purina Fancy Feast Canned Wet Food

Purina Fancy Feast Canned Wet Food

Maintenance of a cat can actually be very expensive and no one is really ready to afford all sorts of that stuff. This includes food, housing, medical care, etc. Talking about cat food, everyone wants to feed their cat the absolute best but we all know the best comes at a price. But don’t you worry, this budget wet cat food does exactly the same but at a lower cost?

Purina’s fancy feast wet canned cat food is perfect for you if you are looking for a healthy meal while staying within your budget. The cheap wet cat food is only cheap in terms of price and not quality because it is grain-free and rich in meat.

On top of that, it contains very little carbohydrates. The meal is cat-appropriate and contains no plant-based ingredients and is affordable too. The food is also grain free so you will not have to worry about it triggering any stomach issues in your cat.

7. Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken Wet Cat Food

Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken Wet Cat Food

Weruva has been striving hard to provide the best meals for cats they possibly can. Their aim is the quality and safety of the cat and hence they are USDA-approved and Quality Control certified. Their formula meats all the nutrition requirements of the cat and it is tasty as well. It’s a chicken blend with gravy that would always fill the cat’s tummy and its desire to eat delicious food.

The Paw Lickin’ name lives up to its expectations because the high moisture content allows the cats to lick the plane clean and even their paws if they spilled some on there. It comes in two waits of 3 ounces and 10 ounces and in packs of 12 as well as 24.

Choosing the Best Wet/Canned Cat Food

It is very important to know that a cat owner just can’t go to a store nearby and grab any cat food for their cat. It is important to what your cat requires and what sort of diet they should be following in order to enhance their health, and productivity resulting in a long, sustainable life.

For example, if you have a young cat, it needs cat food that is rich in protein and has high calories per serving so it can grow quickly and those muscles get stronger. In the case of an adult or senior cat, you want cat food that is not too high in calories so they don’t get overweight.

For senior or big cats it is also important to give them premium quality food because immune systems take a hit by that age and cats become prone to a lot of bacterial and viral infection diseases

One thing common though is that wet cat food is preferred by the majority of cat owners over dry cat food and here’s why:

Benefits of Wet Cat Food

  • Moisture: Staying hydrated is at the core of living a healthy life and wet cat food is full of moisture that allows the cats to easily consume it as well as maintain their daily hydration requirement
  • Rich flavor: Everyone loves the flavor and so do cats. Wet cat food is far richer in terms of flavor compared to dry cat food and cats often always prefer wet over dry because of this reason
  • High-quality protein: Wet canned food often contains high protein content which is premium in terms of protein content compared to dry cat food because the real meat is often cooked right in the can before it is sealed and sent out for delivery.

Other than the benefits of wet cat food, it is important to know your budget constraint and we believe our guide will help you select the best-wet cat food for your cat without compromising on its health as it remains the top priority.

Some Common Questions Regarding Wet Cat food

When and when not to use wet cat food?

Wet cat food is good for your cat if you think it is dehydrated as the moisture-rich content helps maintain body hydration. Along with that, cats who demand muscular growth should be fed wet cat food because they are protein-rich. But a lot of wet cat food is not good either. High consumption of nothing but wet food only can cause potential bacterial infections.

Wet cat food is high in calories, on average, compared to dry cat food so extra eating could result in some weight-related issues. Make sure to throw the wet cat food away if it has been sitting in the cat’s bowl for more than 4 hours.

Which wet cat foods should you avoid?

It is not advised to feed your cat wet cat food that has been sitting in the bowl for over 4 hours. There are high chances your cat will get some sort of a mouth or stomach infection and it won’t have a good taste either.

If we take age into account, then it is recommended by the majority of vets to not feed wet cat food to your cat once it has turned 1 year old. Wet cat food is rich in protein and that can cause your adult cat to quickly gain weight. So, if you are feeding it to your adult cat, make sure you are carefully supervising the quantity it consumes so there are no weight-related issues.

What to look for in wet cat food?

Look for wet cat food that is grain-free, contains no wheat, or soy, contains protein that is animal-sourced, and should contain protein of the highest quality. The moisture levels should be enough to meet your cat’s daily hydration requirements. Select delicious wet cat food because your cat deserves that. And last but definitely not least, try to get the best combination of quality and affordability so no one has to take a hit.

Is canned food the same as wet food?

No, it is not necessary for wet food to only come in cans. There are companies that provide wet food in form of pouches and slide-out packs which are easy to use as they are easy to handle and each pack contains one portion so you don’t have to go through the hassle of driving portions accurately.

What differentiates wet cat food from dry cat food?

The main difference is the moisture. As the name suggests, dry cat food has little to no moisture compared to wet food which is high in moisture. The carbohydrate levels are high in dry cat food compared to wet cat food. Wet cat food will always be available in canned form with rare products that are available in pouches compared to dry food which almost always comes in packaging other than canned. Wet food is also relatively expensive but that depends on the type of brand you are taking.

Should the wet cat food I purchase for my cat be grain free?

Cats and grains are not the best of buddies if I put it like that. Cats are very sensitive to grains like wheat, soy, rice, etc. They can cause some serious stomach issues and skin allergies as well. The pain can at times get unbearable and you then have to take your cat to the vet to have the matters resolved. So in order to be on the safe side, feed your cat grain-free food but make sure it is rich in protein so you don’t compromise on nutrition.

Can I feed the same wet cat food to all cats?

Cats require different types of cat food at different stages of life. The young ones would require cat food that provides a high amount of calories and protein while senior cats would require a different setup with much fewer calories and a varied amount of other nutrients. So, you have to evaluate your purchase decision based on the age and size of your cat.

I really hope this post will help you get the most suitable wet cat food for your cat. A balanced diet is the key to a longer, healthier life. Happy shopping!

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