7 Best Cat Carrier Backpacks in 2023


It’s quite tough on you and your pet when you go on an adventure without your buddy. It isn’t the owners’ fault simply because carrying an animal while one travel can be a bit tricky and difficult. Getting a pet carrier backpack to carry your cat can solve that problem.

But there is a perception that cat carrier backpacks can suffocate our cats but this perception is simply wrong because if you take a look at any carrier in the market, its top feature would be its ventilation system. Be it a mesh window or sometimes even a transparent window design allows the pets to enjoy the views as they get carried by their owners.

There are countless more features that only point towards the fact that every cat owner should have a carrier for their pet. The whole purpose of these backpacks is to keep your beloved pets as close as possible to yourself and also allow them to enjoy the world.

I have already used and tested a lot of these cat carrier backpacks and I’m here to help you make an informed purchase decision. I have listed all the features to help you easily select the most suitable backpack carrier for your cat.

Things to Consider While buying a cat carrier backpack

Here are some key factors that you must take into account while getting a cat carrier backpack.

  • The comfort of the animal: Make sure the backpack you get has an interior design that doesn’t annoy or bore your cat quickly. Long journeys may become a hassle if it doesn’t like what it sits in.
  • The backpack must be durable: Consider durability because you don’t want to get a backpack that scratches easily because our cats love scratching.
  • Picking the appropriate size for your cat: Cozy is key to a peaceful trip. Picking the right size while keeping in mind the size of your cat is very important because You know what happens when you give a cat too much space to be itself.
  • Don’t use one backpack for everything: It is very important to note for all cat owners that using the same cat backpack for every task is not a good idea. Say you plan on taking your cat on an airplane, you would want to get a cat backpack that has a straight and robust base so you can rest it on the floor easily knowing that it won’t rattle around. And when you are taking your cat out on a simple walk or going shopping, you can use slightly informal ones. So try to have multiple backpacks just to be safe.
  • Easy to clean: No one wants to sit in a dirty place. Hygiene should remain your top priority. Look for a backpack that is easy to clean and ideally, something that can be disassembled and reassembled easily.
  • Keeping good ventilation in mind: No life can survive without air, so it is important to look for bags that have good-sized holes and meshes all around to allow a good flow of air to let your cat breathe effortlessly.

We believe these are the most important factors that you must consider before getting a backpack for your cat. And if you cannot find a backpack that covers all these factors then don’t worry, because our detailed reviews on cat carrier backpacks are going to make it very easy for all the cat owners to decide which backpack to get.

7 Best Cat carrier backpacks: A Detailed Guide

Petrip Pet Backpack Carrier

Petrip backpack is designed to hold cats that weigh up to 20 pounds. This backpack has plenty of ventilation so you don’t have to worry about your cat feeling suffocated. Along with big holes on one side, the design incorporates a three-sided mesh for perfect circulation of air. The bag also has comfortable matting for your cat to rest on with ease. This backpack is also an airplane approved so you can take your best friend on all the adventures with you. This is my top recommendation to buy if you ask me.

2. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack

Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack with acrylic and mesh window

This big bag can collapse and turn into a portable carrier that you can take and pack anywhere with you. The bag has enough space for the cat to reside comfortably. The material used in the fabric is very soft from the inside so it doesn’t make your cat feel uncomfortable. A pretty cool feature of this backpack is that it is waterproof so rain won’t be able to stop you from taking your cat out anymore.

The backpack also has windows for your cat to clearly see what’s happening outside. No windows can be a bit suffocating even if there is good ventilation in the bag, so those clear sheets allow your cat to enjoy the trip as much as you are enjoying it. And if your feline doesn’t like to stay still, this bag also has clips and straps that could keep your cat from acting naughty while you carry it around. Now that is what you call an all-rounder.

The Fat Cat” Cat Backpack

The Fat Cat backpack weighs only 2 pounds but can easily carry a feline weighing up to 25 pounds. The bag is highly known for its sturdy base for the cat to reside and rest on while its owner carries it. The top mesh and 3 holes at the bottom allow the cat to breathe easily while inside the bag.

The big round window in the middle will help your big boy/girl enjoy the view as it gets carried. Cats love being aware of what is happening around them and this will help lower their anxiety as well. On top of that, it is air travel approved so you can bring your fat cat anywhere with you.

You can purchase this backpack for little cats as well but it is advised not to give the cat too much room to play with so this is a perfect buy if you’ve got a floof in the house.

KOPEKS Deluxe Backpack Pet Travel Carrier with Double Wheels

There are times when you don’t want to carry your pet on your shoulders or walk them around with a leash but you still want it to be with you. This backpack solves your problem as you can stick a handle right out of the top which turns it into a roller. The bag has got two efficient wheels at the bottom that make it really easy to roll the backpack as you walk casually.

And when you are in the mood to carry your cat on your shoulders, you can always slide that handle in and wear the backpack on your shoulders. Along with the multi-functionality, the backpack has 3 windows made out of mesh which will provide your cat with good airflow. The cat backpack also uses Oxford fabric which shows KOPEKS is in no mood to compromise on quality because your cat comes first.

Lollimeow All Transparent Cat Carrier Backpack

This cat carrier is all about visibility. This is an all-transparent backpack that allows your cat to see everything happening around it as it gets carried. The bag will help make the journeys more exciting and fun because views tend to keep everyone engaged.

Other than this key feature the carrier is also airplane approved and is best designed for hiking, camping, and other exciting adventures. And along with all these amazing quirks, the bag has a very attractive, modern design so your cat can look cool sitting within. This one is bound to attract some eyes when you take it to the streets.

QualiTrue Cat Carrier

If you have a spoiled cat at home, this is a backpack you might want to get. Most people would ignore this backpack because it costs you around a whopping 1100 Dollars. But it’s still on the market because it sells and there is a segment of cat owners who buy such expensive, luxury bags for their cats. QualiTrue, as the name suggests, has promised to provide your cat with true, top-of-the-line quality.

The luxury cat backpack has its own guidebook to help the owners with how to best use it. The carrier ideally supports cats up to 12 kilograms (approx. 26.5 pounds) and has enough space for your cat to comfortably relax in its $1100 temporary bedroom resting on its owner’s shoulder. The bag also comes with a folding bowl that can be used to serve your cat some delicious and premium cat food and treats, and there’s a mat as well for it to rest peacefully and comfortably on.

This luxury cat backpack has mesh windows on multiple sides for your cat to enjoy the outside view while munching on its premium food. It also helps with ventilation as mesh windows make the air circulate effortlessly. The bag is airplane approved so book those business-class tickets right away because you two are now going to go on every tour together. And lastly, you don’t have to worry about problems with where to keep it. The bag can collapse into a small box that can easily be carried and stored anywhere.

Texsens Cat Backpack Carrier For Hiking

Texsense cat backpack is specifically designed for travel adventures like hiking and camping the backpack can be used as a camp where your cat can chill in peacefully when you take breaks.

The design of this backpack incorporates massive mesh windows and holes to make it breathable and well-ventilated. As you climb up on a hike, the air gets thinner, making breathing slightly difficult. With a good air circulation system, your cat will never have any breathing-related issues on the hike. The backpack is made from high-quality sturdy material to tackle high-speed winds. This backpack will allow you to take your cat on adventures with you.

Benefits Of A Good Quality Backpack Carrier for your Cat

It depends entirely on you and your cat’s personality if you want a cat backpack or not. For cats who do like to sit idle, you can get a backpack for them and it’s not just because your cat sits idle, there are many benefits of a backpack carrier. Let’s talk about some of those:

You don’t have to leave your pet behind

No one likes to see that sad look on their pets’ faces when their owners are leaving the house to go grocery shopping, to the office, or on a weekend-long trip. They want to stay around their owners and don’t want to leave their sight. Don’t worry because you can get a cat backpack so your cat can tag along with you on all the journeys.

Your cat will be safe and secure

There is always a risk of safety and security when you are walking your pet somewhere. To keep your cat safe, you can get a cat backpack carrier so it gets to chill inside a safe temporary space and can get carried to wherever You are going, and your cat can enjoy the views from the windows as well.

Easy to maintain

The best thing about backpack carriers is that they can be dismantled. And that allows us to easily clean them on a regular basis because the pet’s hygiene remains the top priority. This feature motivates a lot of cat owners to buy cat carriers because having a backpack that is complex to clean will not motivate you to clean it and that could be very problematic for the cat.

Some FAQs about Cat Backpacks

How do I know what type of carrier I get to carry my cat?

It is very important to get a backpack carrier that serves as a solution to your particular problem and lifestyle. You should consider the weight and size of your cat, whether it is furious or calm, and if you are getting it for local travel or international travel. These considerations should be in your mind before selecting the backpack you want to get for your cat.

How can I give my cat food in the backpack?

Many cat backpack carriers come with side pockets so you can easily store your cat’s food in there before you leave the house. And there are small zippers on top of the bag that you can use to unzip the bag and put your cat’s food inside. You can take a bowl along so your cat can easily eat from it.

How do I make the cat stay in the backpack for a long time?

This depends entirely on the convenience and comfort level of the backpack cat carrier that you are going for. If the cat backpack has soft inner padding and high-quality fabric, that will make your cat feel comfortable inside. Ventilation is key to staying in a space for a longer time.

So make sure to get a backpack that has top-of-the-line ventilation. And try to get a soft but grippy floor mat if it is not included already so your cat can comfortably chill on it while it gets carried to wherever you are traveling to.

Which backpack should I get if I want my cat to travel with me on an airplane?

The first and foremost step is to check whether the cat backpack is airplane approved or not. There are very strict guidelines that the manufacturers must follow in order to get those cat carriers approved for air travel.

Once you find a few bags that are airplane approved, then look for a bag that has a flat base and rubber stoppers on the bottom so you can easily rest the bag on the floor in front of your seat and the stoppers will allow the backpack to stay in its place not causing any hindrances to the passengers next to you in case the bag slips into their feet.

And to be sure that the cat doesn’t get out of the backpack, be sure to get one that has good zipper locks and scratch-free material. We have also written a separate guide for cat carriers for Air and Car travel, be sure to check that out.

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