This Cat In A Room Full Of Toilet Paper Is How Happy I Want To Be In My Life

Who wouldn’t want to be this happy?

After all playing around in toilet papers sounds like heaven for a cat. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind playing in it too; granted that the toilet paper wasn’t the value one. While you might think that using this much toilet papers for nothing is a total waste of money and time, I would argue with that statement wholeheartedly.

Because at the end of everything, you get to see your cat happy than it has ever been and we all want to make our cat masters happy right? I have no idea why or even how a person thought of this ingenious idea but here we are. So, scroll on below and take a look at how this idea came to fruition. (With a lot of toilet papers.)

Source: Youtube

And so it starts with a whole lot of toilet paper.

You think 57 is a lot?

Well, that is where you’re wrong.

And so everyone gets to work decorating the room.

This is what the room looked like before. Boring right?

Well, not anymore as this redesigning has breathed new life.

But the most important thing is the cat.

And she looked quite happy snuggling with the toilet paper.

She was seen running around in toilet paper again and again.

I think this cat has reached the pinnacle of happiness.

Take a look at the full video to see the whole process.

Would you ever do this for your cat? Or do you think this is a waste of precious resources? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so your friends can enjoy the cat heaven too.

Take Adorable Pictures Of Your Cat In The All New Dinosaur Haircut

The correct way of getting back at your cat

Since the beginning of time cats have enchanted all of the human population. No matter how much trouble cats cause us, we always end up loving them in return. Cats will interrupt your sleep, crawl all over you, scratch your new couch, stick their paws under doors to creep you out and do a whole lot more. In return, we can’t even get mad at them; all it takes is a cute pose and an innocent *meow* and bam! all is forgiven.

So what should be done? How do we annoy our cats and get back at them? Well, here’s one way. Try the new Dinosaur Haircut! Because your cat will absolutely hate it. Originated in a salon in
Maha Sarakham, Thailand this new haircut is taking over the internet. Following are some pictures shared by cat owners who gave their cats this all-new haircut, and I have to say, they didn’t like it one bit. So, scroll down and check it out!

Rainbow Dinosaur

“You think this is funny?”

“I have lost all my feline touch.”

“Hope you are ready for a fight, hooman.”

“Look what you have done to me.”

“I will ruin your house now.”

“Good luck with chasing that mouse, because I’m not helping.”

“Bribe me with catnip as much as you want. It still won’t save you.”

“Do you think I’m a lion?!”

“I will wreak havoc in this place once you leave for work.”

“Enough with these pictures hooman. Don’t test my patience.”

“This is SO not okay.”

“Tell me again, how is this funny?”


Well, so much for the dinosaur cats! What do you guys think of these adorable pictures? Would you dare to annoy your cat for the sake of some cute pictures? Let us know in the comments below.