8 Best Low Protein Cat Foods of 2023


Why would a cat require a low-protein diet? After all, high-protein diets are supposed to be beneficial to our felines. While this is true, senior cats or kittens with kidney problems cannot digest a lot of protein and may benefit from a low-protein diet.

We decided to look at some products that offer low protein and are specifically designed for cats with kidney issues because removing protein completely is not healthy. So, when it comes to protein levels, remember to choose foods that provide quality over quantity. You can check it out for yourself by scrolling down.

1. Royal Canin Royal Support


When it comes to renal support, this is one of the best options. This Royal Canin formula is high in antioxidants and fatty acids. Not only that, but it also promotes a healthy appetite, which is beneficial because sick cats frequently do not have a large appetite. So the dense square pebbles will ensure that they get all of their nutrients even if they don’t eat much.

It is also low in protein, coming in at 22.5%, which is just enough to keep your kitty from losing weight. However, we must point out that it is unusually high in terms of carbs and also very expensive. You will also need a prescription to purchase this food, but that should not be a problem because we always recommend taking your cat to the vet if they are having problems.

2. Hill’s Kidney + Joint Care

If you have a senior cat with joint and kidney issues, this is an excellent option. It’s loaded with glucosamine and chondroitin, which will help with mobility issues and keep their joints healthy. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent for boosting your cat’s immune system.

However, this food suffers from the same issue as the previous one in that it contains more carbs than is necessary. And because it only comes in chicken flavor, not every cat will eat it. Some of our kitties didn’t like the texture, but your results may vary. Although it contains 25% crude protein, which is sufficient for a cat to function normally.

3. Blue Buffalo Veterinary Diet


If you prefer a grain-free formula, this is the food for you. A lot of cats can be gluten-sensitive, and this will help with that. The main protein source is deboned chicken, and this formula contains 26% of it, which is a huge plus.

It is low in sodium for kidney health and contains several vitamins and minerals known to help with kidney problems. However, it is high in carbs, which is not ideal, but most low-protein foods are. Another issue we noticed was that it only came in large sizes, which meant we couldn’t try it on before spending, which was not a good idea.

4. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet


If your cat is in the early stages of kidney disease and you want something to stop it, this Pruina formula might be just what you’re looking for. It contained 33% crude protein, the majority of which was tuna. So even if your cat despises chicken, he or she may enjoy this particular food.

It does require a prescription, but if your cat’s kidney disease is in its early stages, your veterinarian may recommend it. However, feeding this to your cat if they have advanced kidney failure is not a good idea. In our experience, most of our cats, even the picky ones, enjoyed the texture and taste of this food, so your picky eater may feel right at home with this food.

5. Royal Canin Renal Support Diet


If you like the Royal Canin renal support dry food and want something similar in the wet-food category, you’ll be glad to know that they have almost the exact same formula in their wet-food range.

It contains minimal phosphorus, which has been shown to aid in the treatment of kidney disease, which is always a plus. And because this formula comes in a variety of flavors, you never have to worry about your picky eater. However, the bits in this formula are quite large, so you may need to cut them if your cat has dental issues.

6. Weruva Truluxe Steak Frites


This is a great option if your cat does not have kidney disease and you simply want to avoid it in the first place. This formula does not require a prescription, so you can get it right away, though we still recommend a visit to the vet if your kitty is exhibiting symptoms of kidney disease.

It has a minimum of 10% crude protein and very low phosphorus. It also contains all of the minerals and amino acids required to keep your cat’s organs functioning properly. It is also grain and gluten-free, which is beneficial in your cat’s regular diet. It does, however, come at a high cost, which should be considered.

7. Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels


While this formula is not intended for cats with kidney problems, it is still a great overall product that can help if your kitty does not enjoy the prescribed food. It contains a minimum of 7% crude protein, which is a good sign, and your cat will enjoy the texture.

However, the main reason this particular wet food is on this list is because of its low cost. Typically, prescription food is expensive, especially when it comes to wet food, so you may find that this is much more cost-effective. However, this does not imply that it lacks all of the essential vitamins and amino acids required for your cat’s organs to function.

8. Evanger’s Premium Low-Fat Vegetarian Dinner


If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, this could be a good choice. While we do not recommend vegetarian diets for cats because they are obligate carnivores, this formula may be beneficial if your kitty is overweight and suffering from kidney disease.

It contains 7% plant protein, which is relatively low, but keep in mind that some cats cannot fully digest plant protein. It’s also a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before drastically altering your diet, as this can have unanticipated consequences for your long-term health. It does, however, contain more phosphorus than other wet food which is not a great sign.

Have you tried any of the following foods? If so, how did you find it? Would you suggest any of these to a friend? Or was there a specific company that we overlooked that you believe should be on this list? Let us know in the comments, and please share this link with your cat-loving friends.

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