How To Choose Healthy Food For Your Cat?

  • By nishwa
  • November 28, 2022
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How To Choose Healthy Food Brands For Your Cat

Finding and trusting a cat food to keep your cat healthy can be tough. It’s hard to accept that your cat won’t live as long as you will. All cat owners want that their cats live a happy, healthy, and long life. The thing which can ensure you these three things is the food that they eat. The quality of the cat food matters the most that’s why it’s necessary to know how a cat-food is identified as high-quality.

We will describe all the good ingredients a high-quality cat food should comprise. It’s also important to know things you should avoid in cat food. Here’s how you can choose healthy food for your cat:

Explore the Ingredients

The first and most important ingredient you want to look for is; protein. Whether it’s chicken, beef, tuna, or turkey, if it has more than 20% of specified meat in the ingredients, then it’s a good option. Protein is the main ingredient that provides energy to your cat for its growth.

You need to check the nutrition label to look for vitamins and minerals which can support your cat’s bones, joints, liver, kidneys, and teeth to stay strong and healthy. Vitamins A, B, B12, and C, folic acid, calcium, iron, zinc, and sodium are all the beneficial nutrients you need in your cat’s food.

If cat food has animal by-products in the ingredients, that means it has more healthy sources of energy for your cat. Ensure that the by-products are not unspecified, as they can cause digestive problems in your cat’s tummy.

Explore the Ingredients of cat food brands

Cats need carbohydrates in their diet for energy too. Some good ingredients containing carbohydrates are; fruits, veggies, rice, potatoes, and oats. If the grains are of high quality, then there is no problem with the ingredient. It’s a myth that carbs are fillers for cat food, instead, they are essential nutrients that pets and humans both need.

A complete and balanced diet is exactly what you must be looking for to feed your cat.

Cat food Should Be Tested

The cat food you want to choose should have a label on it that it’s tested by the ¬†Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The label AAFCO ensures that it is scientifically tested and formulated to meet all nutritional levels.

Kitten Food VS Cat Food

Good quality food will contain a source of DHA in the ingredients of their kitten food. Remember that the needs of cats differ as they age. DHA is essential for the development of a kitten’s brain and eye health, and a good source of it can be fish oil, salmon, or chicken meal.

Whereas, adult cat food should consist of probiotics and fish oil to keep them healthy. It is recommended to switch to senior cat food when your cat turns 7 years old.

Wet VS Dry Food

If your cat gets dehydrated and is not fond of drinking enough water, then the option is to feed her wet food. Wet food will hydrate your cat’s body, and most cats love it. Dry cat food can be fed to your cat 3-4 times a day, but you should always keep it balanced by involving Wet in their diet.

One more option is that you can combine dry and wet food to make a meal. Wet cat food can be more expensive than dry cat food but that doesn’t mean that you should give your cat dry food only to go to save some money. We have also published our favorite dry cat foods here on Catish so you can check that out if you want any recommendations.

High Price ‚Ȇ High Quality

Some cat food brands are over-priced because they use all the money for advertising their products instead of using it for research. If the manufacturers do not own the plant for production, then there can be doubt about the quality. Too cheap brands may also be avoided because the ingredients can be low-quality.

What kind of cat foods to AVOID?

What kind of cat foods to AVOID

You should avoid anything with “artificial” in its name or description. Artificial ingredients include artificial flavors, sugars, sweeteners, and preservatives like sodium benzoate. Corn, wheat, and gluten should also be avoided in any cat food you are going to choose for your cat.

Despite doing all your research to find the perfect cat food or cat food brand, if your kitty doesn’t like it or if it’s too hard to please, then we’re sorry. You can always dig in and explore more options, right? Only if it makes our special one happy and healthy.

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