Woman Mistakenly Brings A Wild Bobcat Home As A “Usual” Cat, Hilarity Ensues

  • By Saif
  • July 30, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Sometimes we do something out of good intentions but they have consequences. Initially, we are not aware of the consequences, that is why we make certain decisions. Haste makes waste is a popular idiom and most of us have heard it. The decisions that we make without thinking, hastily, they usually turn out to be bad for us, it doesn’t matter if we do it with a good heart. Something similar happened with this one particular woman from Richmond, VA, USA.

Some people are really helpful and they love helping everyone who is in need and this woman, happened to be one of those people. She saw a cat, who was stuck in a fence just outside her house. This cat was screaming and crying, it seemed like she was in a lot of pain. Anyone who would see a cat screaming, would have instantly felt a need to help the cat, get her out of the fence, right? But this woman decided to rescue the cat and take her along to her house! Well, only if she knew that it wasn’t some ordinary cat, it was a wild bobcat!

Bobcats (Lynx Rufus) are North American wildcats. Bobcats are given this name because of their tails. Cats usually have long tails but an adult bobcat’s averages just 6 to 7 inches in length; the word bobcat refers to short, thick hair. They are not your regular sized domestic cats, they are twice as big as the normal cat. These cats are not very cheerful, instead, they are very aggressive.

These cats doesn’t just eat anything. They are basically predators, which hunt other animals and feed on them. From rabbits to rodents, beaver, peccaries, birds, bats, and deers. They are also scavengers.

These cats are usually active at night, they hunt and kill at night that is why they are not often seen during day time.

Cats are weird, but this cat was some next level crazy and aggressive. The lady knew there was something off about the cat so she decided that she has to give it away as she can not keep this cat with her any longer. She then started to post ads online to find a home for this cat. She posted the ad on craigslist and also shared some photos.

Here’s what she wrote:

FOUND cat last night was stuck in between my fence screaming its head off. I brought it inside because it looks too big and healthy for a stray and dogs here escape often and will eat cats that get out.

It is very thick and has little stripes and spots on its legs and big white round spots on the back of its ears, only thing that looks wrong with him is he doesn’t have a tail, but it doesn’t seem like anything new.

She added,

He is very vocal (and mean!!!) I think he is a tabby and bengals mix, maybe some Maine Coon because he is just so big and chubby. I took most of these pics last night so the lighting makes him look brown, but he is actually more grey. He was very hungry. Please, if you’re his owner contact me ASAP. I can not keep him here because as cute as he is, he is CRAZY and has gotten into everything in the house in one night and is EXTREMELY AGRESSIVE.

As soon as she posted the ad, people bombarded her with messages. The messages said that she had mistakenly gotten her hands on a wild cat. And she had brought her home.

She finally read the messages and realized her mistake. She let the cat go after reading responses from people.

Here’s what she wrote:

Thank you to everyone who told me this is actually a wild bobcat!!! Wtf!! No wonder he was so grumpy!! I kidnapped him.

I am not from America and have never heard of a bobcat, I thought all wildcats are much bigger than that!! I can not believe I brought it inside! And he p***** all over my damn house so now I have to deep clean everything!!

Anyway, I am glad at least he is okay and not a lost cat. I have let him go already back near the trees where he came from. I am also okay, no bites or scratches.

Who would have thought that cats could be this scary and wild as well. It is indeed very shocking that she let a wildcat into her house. But we are really happy that the cat didn’t attack her and she is okay!

Bobcats aren’t really harmful for people, they don’t really cause harm, but if they have rabbies, they can be harmful. There is another wildcat called caracal. Caracals also have tufted ears, that is why people confuse the two. As mentioned earlier, bobcats have small and thick tails which are not present in Caracals. This is the main difference between both of the wildcats.

Before writing this article, I had no idea what bobcats were! I never thought felines could be aggressive and harmful to this extent. When thinking of felines, I always imagined them being cute, adorable and stubborn creatures. But well, I got to learn something new! What about you? Did you find this article informative or did you  already know about bobcats? Let us know in the comments section below!

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