Hilarious “Lost Cat Posters” That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud (16 Pics)

  • By Sara
  • July 30, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Who is the real boss of the house?

You or your cat? If you own a cat, you know very well that they are the boss. They do whatever they want, whenever they want. They are the kings of the house and you can’t convince them otherwise. No wonder they were considered gods in ancient Egypt. They just never really moved on from that, did they? You will find yourself taking orders from your cat all day. “Feed me” “Change my litter” and “Clean up my vomit” are just some of their favourites. However, if you order your cat anything, it will just dismiss it and move on like you never even said anything.

Because they are masters of their own selves, they like to roam around without supervision. Usually, they just walk around the house or the garage but sometimes they wander further in the neighbourhood. Since they aren’t usually very bright, they get lost and can’t find their way home. It is the duty of their owner to once again search for them and put up missing cat posters. Some of these posters can be hilariously accurate though. Scroll down below to see 10+ hilarious cat posters that’ll make you laugh out loud:

1. Ms Cranky Pants is a wonderful name.

Photo Credits: liveabout

2. Missing? Am I?

Photo Credits: express

3. Bud loves running away.

Photo Credits: liveabout

4. I need to know more about this image.

Photo Credits: liveabout

5. That’s a weird-looking cat.

Photo Credits: liveabout

6. Missing cat, please keep him if found.

Photo Credits: liveabout

7. No reward. Take it or leave it.

Photo Credits: liveabout

8. Let him move in.

Photo Credits: liveabout

9. I think this is a new cat breed.

Photo Credits: liveabout

I had a cat that once ran away. I cried for 3 days and physically searched my entire neighbourhood in the scorching heat. I searched every park, every street, every tree. I was miserable. I found out three days later that he was just chilling at my neighbour’s house and they decided to let him hang out there for a couple of days. Cats really don’t care.

10. I would love to see this cat with no tail.

Photo Credits: yummypets

11. Spreading joy.

Photo Credits: huffingtonpost

12. They barely ever respond to their names.

Photo Credits: liveabout

13. How do you manage to lose such a giant cat?

Photo Credits: thechive

14. 6 toes?!

Photo Credits: dailymail

15. “Cat psychic”

Photo Credits: yummpets

16. Pretty accurate.

Photo Credits: yummpets

Have you ever lost your cat? Did you put up a poster? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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