Broken Cats That Need To Be Reset To Factory Settings (37 Pics)

  • By Sara
  • July 30, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Is your cat working? Mine seems to be broken.

Error 404: Cat not functioning. Cats might seem really smart and bright, but honestly, they are just silly goofballs. They act all high and mighty around the house, walking like they own the place. They pretend like they are the superior species and nothing can beat them, and that might be true because none of us can compare to a cat. We can never fully understand them either. There are just some things that we will never figure out. Like why they love boxes so much, or why they follow us to the bathroom every single time.

At moments like these, we like to believe our cats are broken. They sleep in hilarious positions that are no way near comfortable, but they look satisfied sleeping that way. These kitties need their settings to be reset because I think they forgot how to cat. If you need some examples, scroll down below to see 10+ broken cats that need to be reset:

1. Help!

2. Silly catto.

3. Just hanging there.

4. Moved the door…

5. Ah yes, comfortable.

6. He’s about to sneeze.

7. Pepper loves acting like a dog.

8. When the cat tower betrays you.

9. Just sleeping next to my working human.

10. Gravity does not apply to this cat.

11. What’s up?

12. She yawned and didn’t put her tongue back in.

13. Watching TV and he just walks in like that…

14. Showing off his ninja moves.

15. Derp.

16. Taking silly selfies.

17. When you stub your pinky toe.

18. Mom, there’s someone in the window.

19. Chonky baby.

Cats are astonishing creatures. When we’re finally getting used to them, they start with their weird shenanigans again and we’re back to square one. We will never understand their logic and I guess that’s just how we have to learn to live with them.

20. Get your paws off me!

OysterDoll / reddit

21. You’re cute and all, but can you do THIS?

DV123 / pikabu

22. The remake of La La Land.

ccchisa76 / twitter

23. “My cat jumped inside a box of catnip and sat there all day long. In the evening, I found him like this.”

Frozen992 / pikabu

24. “I have nowhere cozy to sleep, so I’ll just waste the toilet paper.”

Pogo138 / reddit

25. Choose your opponent wisely.

Harper1000 / reddit

26. “My silly but cute cat”

Antharas / pikabu

27. She’s a ballerina!

Pu-Chi-Mao / reddit

28. “This is Makoli. He’s… different.”

Cajunaggie87 / imgur

29. “I took my indoor cat outside today. I think the grass broke him.”

brewmasterg / imgur

30. “Don’t ask questions. I am a plant now.”

urbinsanity / reddit

31. Nasavena!

RomeoEdge / imgur

32. Human, get out of the bathroom!

afmachado / reddit

33. “I came out of the bathroom in a shower cap and she didn’t know who I was.”

kingthirteen / reddit

34. Don’t touch me!

ApeCommando / reddit

35. Let me just stretch.

icant-chooseone / reddit

36. Is this cat okay?

TheWestLady / reddit

37. Me in tagged photos.

famicum / reddit

Have you ever witnessed a broken cat? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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