25 Cats Who Just Realized They Made A Big Mistake, Regret Ensues

  • By Asad
  • July 30, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

There’s this rather morbid phrase “Curiosity killed the cat” where the latter half of the phrase is rarely voiced, “but satisfaction brought it back.” In the case of the following pictures, I do not think satisfaction is going to bring them back, because these kittens made some very grievous errors that have caused them some serious misery. Whether it resulted in instant karma or something else, we’re lucky to have the ease of mobile phones and internet.

Because people were able to, in a combination with both, capable of quickly snapping pictures of their kittens in immediate distress before helping them out of the situation they found themselves in. Cats are very inquisitive by nature, and they don’t fully understand how things can backfire for them, which makes their situation somewhat innocent and all the more hilarious.

#1 Foam balls

Cats have an amusing way of talking to humans, as Pet Coach outlines!

We all know the classic cat Halloween pose: arched back, high tail, and upright hairs. This is your cat’s way of saying ‘BACK OFF’ when it feels threatened by your or anything else. Even if you’re attempting to comfort your kitty, it’s best to follow his wishes and leave him alone when he asks you to.

#2 Swimming

#3 Rainy

#4 Curtains

#5 Bottles

#6 Bite

 #7 Hanging

Rubbing against your legs is your cat’s way of marking you as his territory, but it can also be interpreted as your cat showing you he loves you. When you come home from a long day at work, rubbing against you is your cat’s way of saying “I’m so glad to see you!” or “I’ve missed you!” Studies of feral cats show that cats do this within their own species as well, rubbing up against each other, specifically after being separated for a period of time. In addition to claiming you as his own, rubbing is the equivalent of your cat trying to give you a hug.

#8 Peekaboo

#9 Drowning in couch

#10 Snowball

#11 Hangar

#12 Spidercat

#13 Splat

#14 Shopping bag

Cat language is much more nuanced than that of dogs, so it’s important to pay close attention to how your cat communicates his wants and needs. Since cats are so independent, they are easily misunderstood. The best thing to do is to channel your inner-feline to be as observant of your cat as he is of you.

#15 Spring

#16 Stuck in mesh

#17 Cords

#18 Don’t look too closely

#19 Pool hole

#20 Floofer

#21 Impassable

#23 Lamps

They continue with:

Dog owners think that they have the corner on being enthusiastically greeted when they return home from a long day in the salt mines. But cat owners also get greeted by their kitties! Cats learn to communicate as kittens in this fashion, and it’s probably a way for the kitten to make sure that it can be found by its mom, once it starts venturing further and further away and exploring its surroundings. It starts out as sort of a “hey, I’m over here!” kind of signal, and as cats mature and form associations with their humans, the human reinforces the behavior, so the cat meows when it sees its human.

#24 Bowls

#25 Kleenex

What about you? Has your cat ever acted like this? Tell us in the comments!

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