20 Hilarious Pictures Of Cats Being Silly

  • By Saif
  • July 30, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats being the bossiest, moody and adorable little creatures surely know their way straight into our hearts. In my life, I have seen many types of cats. Some cats managed to impress me through their clever tricks while others…well, they surely made me laugh my ass off with the cute silly things they do and stupid stunts they try to perform as if no one’s watching them.

But the best part is, no other animal can behave or mimic a cat because cats are unique and they are adorable little creatures. One of the stupidest things which you can make your cat do is to chase a laser on the wall. Not just that, my cat even managed to stuck her head into the can while I was feeding him but well, cats are anything but patient.

I’m sure we all have our stories to tell of our cats being silly AF but you are about to see some of the funniest pictures you would have ever witnessed of cats being silly at their best. Scroll down for the hilarious ride.

1. “My cat is always trying to get behind our blinds… He finally got behind them.””


2. “He meows really loud and then he goes and hides here for 20 minutes. He thinks he’s hidden.”


3. What did you think, just you humans can hoard during the pandemic? We need them too.

4. “Found where my wife’s 47 hair ties went… Under the stove. Thanks Max.”


5. “One of my oranges doesn’t look quite right.”

6. Guess what do you get for not feeding me first? My ass.


7. Seems like the owner has been getting a lot of visitors to help the cat.


8. “This cannot be comfortable”


9. “My cat is a Tetris block.”



Who would have thought that these bossy little creatures, who love to think of themselves as someone who’s always right, could actually be this stupid? Nope, the ride has not ended yet, keep scrolling!


10. Well, he just decided to hang out with the window today instead of his friends.


11. “These are my dogs’ bowls, but my cat prefers to drink water from anywhere but her own bowl.”


12. I don’t remember buying a cat from the grocery store?


13. “Ulthar has started to lick the walls, no idea why…”


14. “He did a bunch of catnip, saw himself in the mirror, and had a self-realization that he, indeed, is a cat.”


15. “For the past week, he’s been delivering bread to my doorstep every morning. I don’t know where it comes from. If I do not promptly praise him and acknowledge the bread, he cries. This is the look he gave me when I tried talking to him about what’s going on”


16. “I’m installing screen doors for the warmer weather and my cat thinks I moved the door.”


17. “Gave my boy catnip for the first time last night. He ended up passed out in a Taco Bell bag. Couldn’t be more proud.”


18. Just testing my teeth.

19. “Finn imitating a slinky with Blue watching with disgust in the background”


20. “My cat was missing for several hours until I got a call from my neighbour.”


Well, the hilarious ride of stupidity has come to an end and you probably enjoyed that a lot, didn’t you? Which one did you find the most hilarious? Let us know into the comments section below.

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