50 Times Cats Made Us Laugh Out Loud With Their Silly Acts

  • By Saif
  • July 30, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

There are very few creatures in this world that can be cute, weird, adorable, bossy and controversial, as a cat. Cats have weird instincts and they do so many things out of the blue. Things that don’t make sense at all. Yet the world is full of cat lovers! Regardless of their desire of killing insects, strange acts and mood swings, felines have figured out how to make their way into homes, hearts, and Youtube channels like no other local animal.

Since the time internet became famous, people started to post pictures and videos of their cats and not only did they got famous but even started to earn money! Can you believe that? SMH.

However, cats are hilarious and we all can agree that we love seeing cat pictures and memes on the internet! Cats have a unique kind of cuteness that pulls us towards them like a magnet!

We have managed to gather a few such hilarious and cute cat images that will make your day! Scroll down and see.

1. Cat wondering what did I do to deserve this loving hooman?

Rare times when cats appreciate their owners, and this is one of those rare times.

2. Proof that cats are liquid.

Taking the shape of a container, definitely, cats are liquid!

3. Sheep or a baby kitten?

This is a cross between sheep and kitten, A SHEKIT!

4. A cat needs its personal space.

Don’t invade the cat’s personal space or you will face consequences!

5. Found the best place in the park to rest.

Laps are laps, no discrimination among human and statue lap.

6. Never letting go of a chance of petting.

Pet me, you, statue slave!

7. Contemplating life like..

Yes, bro, life is difficult but we gotta do what we gotta do.

8. Butters, aren’t you one sneaky cat?

9. We all sing HALLELUJAH!

Praise the Lord!

10. To seize and make the most of opportunities.

The orange cat is in bit of a shock.

11. Gentle looking cat.

This cat has some important business duties to fulfill, as you can see he is wearing a tie. This is one responsible cat, very serious about his job and duties.

12. Mind your own business you filthy hooman.

13. Nothing in the room is more interesting than this lamp.

14. Little cat got confused..

15. They watchin us chillin, they hatin!

Can I be this chill and unbothered pliss??

We know you love cats! We have more for you, keep scrolling!

16. Cat making a perfect hat!

We all want this adorable head accessory!

17. You buy rugs made of cat fur and then put it on me??

How dare you hooman? Don’t you have any remorse??

18. Hooman, can you please stop being stoopid?

19. Found a perfect and peaceful spot to snuggle in.

20. Let go of me you evil cat!!

This cat doesn’t fear anything.

21. Army war training.

This time, cato will lead the army!

22. Is that a cat or a scary-looking demon?

Don’t upset your cat or it will turn into a demon.

23. Cat camouflaged with the ground.

Don’t step on my tail you stoopid hooman, don’t you see I am sitting here?

24. Caught in action.

25. Shhh, don’t make any noise or they will hear you!

This is a secret mission, no one has to know about it!

26. Come ride me, I’m a train!

Shadow makes the cat look like a train.

27. I am a bunny cat.

28. An adorable little triad of hearty cats!

The mama cat is really possessive about her family.

29. After a long day at the spa.

Hope you are enjoying these pictures! Scroll down to see more.

30. Is this supposed to be funny, Susan?

This isn’t funny Susan, I don’t want other cats on the couch, or in the house.

31. Cat and baby bonding time!

Cat is fully in love with this miniature human.

32. We came here to give our blessings.

33. I won’t let you go down the stairs, you’ve made me angry.

Also isn’t it amazing how the cat perfectly fits on the stair?

34. Free rider!

35. Very chic!

It looks like this cat is wearing a very expensive sweater.

36. An old kung fu master.

Mr Meowgi.

37. This dude has his priorities right.

38.  Let me in, as you can see we have a situation here.

Come on David, open the door. I promise I won’t be a naughty cat.

39. Like mother like daughter!

40. Skinny vs bulky cat. (snow edition)

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41. Finally, a place to rest, away from the humans!

Let’s lock the door dogo, so human won’t disturb us for the next couple of hours.

42. We all now know who has been eating the yoghurt!

43. Can this cato get a lead role in lion king?

This cat doesn’t even have to audition, her looks and expressions are perfect!

44. Things you do for your cats…

45. Someone has been stalking me.

You’ve been ignoring me. We need to remedy that.”

46. Cats are surely a mess!

47. Patiently waiting for the food.

I know I am a patient cat but you need to be quicker hooman.

48. Cats don’t approve of any order or discipline.

Cats do what they want to do.

49. “Hello, Boss? Sorry cannot come in today, I’ve been catnapped.”

Your cats won’t let you move, they want all your attention.

Cats are really weird, right? These pictures are proof that cats are really strange yet extremely adorable! Let us know what do you think about cats! Would you like keeping a pet cat? Let us know in the comments section below!

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