6 Best Cat Toothpaste For Your Cat’s Oral Hygiene

6 Best Toothpaste For Your Cat's Oral Hygiene

Cats are just as prone to dental problems as humans if their teeth aren’t taken care of on a regular basis. But the issue is that cats cannot take care of their oral hygiene on their own, they require the assistance of their human servants. So essentially it is the responsibility of all cat owners to develop a habit of brushing their cats’ teeth every single day to avoid any teeth-related diseases or problems and avoid those expensive vet visits later on.

The thing about cat owners is that they want to get the absolute best for their cats, whatever it is and the same goes with cat toothpaste. Cat toothpaste looks and works exactly like human toothpaste but which ones are the best at their job still remains a question. Not to worry because we bring to all the cat owners a list of our top picks of cat toothpaste that will help you choose and take care of your cat’s oral hygiene.

1. Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

The toothpaste has a dual enzyme system combining the enzymes Glucose Oxidase and Lactoperoxidase to form Hydrogen Peroxide in the cat’s mouth as it uses the toothpaste which whitens its teeth. This enzyme-centric toothpaste also eliminates all bacteria and does not allow the plaque to attach to the cat’s teeth.

Vibrac as a company has been known to be hard at work for over 25 years to provide such efficient dental care products so you know you cannot go wrong with it. This toothpaste is affordable and adds way more value as compared to how much it costs hence making it to the top of our recommendation list, you just can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Petsmile Professional Cat Toothpaste

Petsmile Professional Cat Toothpaste

The Petsmile professional cat toothpaste is the only toothpaste available on the market that is recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. Among other high-quality ingredients that the toothpaste contains to help deal with bad breath and whitening of the teeth, its main feature is that of dealing with plaque, and bacteria, and making the enamel of the teeth strong.

Petsmile toothpaste contains Calprox that dissolves a thin protein biofilm on the teeth known as Pellicle. This biofilm on the surface of the teeth is what bacterias and plaques stick to, so this toothpaste is a quick solution to disease-free teeth.

The toothpaste also contains calcium, magnesium, and phosphates that mineralize the teeth and strengthen the tooth enamel of your cat. The toothpaste is slightly on the expensive side but the value it provides more than makes it up for that price point.

3. Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste For Cats

Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste For Cats

The Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic toothpaste uses a triple enzyme formula with chlorhexidine gluconate doing the most work to keep all the bacteria, plaque, and many more disease causes away from your cat’s teeth. This toothpaste foams up in the cat’s mouth to reach every part of every tooth and helps give your Cat a good breath.

The toothpaste is made out of natural ingredients and tastes nice for cats to comfortably use on a daily basis. This an option you should always acquire with your monthly grocery because it costs just as much as any other enzyme toothpaste but does the job much better and quicker.

4. Pet King Brands Oratene Toothpaste Gel For Cats

Pet King Brands Oratene Toothpaste Gel For Cats

If your cat, for any unfortunate reason, has developed Gingivitis, this Pet King Brands Oratene toothpaste gel is the one to get for your cat. Gingivitis is a bacterial disease that causes the gums around the cat’s teeth to swell. This can cause pain to the cat and reduce its overall quality of life, which a cat owner in no scenario wants to happen.

The Oratene gel does not need to be brushed but only applied on the cat’s teeth and gums twice a day for the best results. Application on a daily basis will help keep such issues from happening from the get-go. This toothpaste gel also contains enzymes that help keep plaque and any other form of bacteria away.

5. Arm and Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Kit For Cats

Arm and Hammer Fresh Breath Dental Kit For Cats

Arm and Hammer goes one step ahead by providing a whole dental kit to assure your cat’s teeth safety and that they are the whitest and the healthiest. Arm and hammer toothpaste is probably the best in the market when it comes to providing your cat a fresh breath thanks to the baking soda contained within. The kit contains toothpaste, a toothbrush, and other tools to facilitate the whole toothbrushing process.

The enzymes contained in the toothpaste also help soothe the cat’s gums allowing a hassle-free oral cleaning and making the cat want to use it with ease every time. It is a budget option that does its job well and should be in the arsenal of every cat owner who cannot afford the expensive options.

6. Bluestem Oral Care Toothpaste

Bluestem Oral Care Toothpaste

Make sure your cat’s teeth and gums remain healthy by using this toothpaste by Bluestem. The toothpaste is made using the company’s own Coactiv+ technology that efficiently fights any developed plaque on the teeth and dissolves the bacteria-containing biofilms allowing your cat freedom from all teeth-related problems. And it also provides a nice breath.

The toothpaste is safe for your cat to swallow so no need to worry about your cat eating or swallowing it while brushing. The toothpaste is very affordable but manages to punch way above its weight, needless to say, it is a good option if you are on a tight budget.

These are all the toothpaste we liked after testing and reviewing their performance and features. This recommendation list should make it easier for you to choose one which is most suitable for your cat and your budget,

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