8 Best Cat Litter Mats for your Cat in 2023


A cat litter mat can be a necessity, especially if you have a messy feline. While you can always place a regular mat near the litter, there is a good chance that it will not help, and you will still have to clean the litter granules off the ground. That is why these mats are specifically designed to clean your cat’s paws while also reducing tracking.

They are usually grooved and come in a variety of shapes. Even if you have a multi-cat household, you will be able to find a mat that is the right size for you. That is precisely why we are here. To perform all testing for you so you don’t have to worry about which product to purchase. Simply scroll down to see for yourself.

1. Mighty Monkey Cat Litter Mat


This cat litter mat has everything. Because of the undeniably soft texture, it is not only comfortable for your cat, but it also has a slip-resistant backing. We all dislike it when litter mats move, but you won’t have to worry about that with this litter mat.

It performed very well in our testing, and we could hardly notice any tracking after the cat had finished using the litter, even when we used the finest granules of litter. We only vacuumed it to clean it, and it comes in a variety of muted, beautiful colours. However, we did notice a few bumps at the back which stopped it from sitting flush on the floor.

2. BlackHole Cat Litter Mat


If you want something with double backing, this is the mat for you. Because you can easily clean all the excess litter by opening it from the side and removing any stuck litter. It has small holes in the rubber that prevent your floor from becoming dirty.

It is actually much more durable than many of the other mats on this list, so you won’t have to worry about fraying. While this does mean it is a little stiffer than other mats, we found no problems with it. It is also extremely simple to clean and waterproof, which is always a plus. Our cats enjoyed the soft texture and did not mind using it as a scratching post.

3. Pawkin Litter Mat for Cats


This mat features geometric grooves that can easily hold a lot of litter while keeping your floor clean. While it is a bit more expensive, we believe it is worth it because of how soft it is to the touch. This is especially beneficial for cats with sensitive paws or those who dislike walking on rough surfaces.

It also has a non-slip backing, which kept it from moving around during our testing. It’s also surprisingly long-lasting, and we didn’t notice any fraying no matter how hard our cat tried to rip the outer layer off. So, even if you pay a little more, it will last you a long time.

4. Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat


If you have a multi-cat household, this mat will be ideal for you. It is wide enough to accommodate two litter boxes, which we found very useful. In addition, it is phthalate-free and has a super-soft texture.

We also noticed that it has thick coils on the sides to keep the litter trapped in the mat from moving around and dirtying your floor. While this makes it a little more difficult to clean than other mats, vacuuming it was just as simple as any other carpet. The mesh ensures that all of the litter is trapped within the grooves, and the non-slip back keeps it firmly in place.

5. Jumbo Litter Mat


Finding the right size for a litter mat can be a battle in and of itself. That is why this jumbo litter mat can be very useful. Not only that, but it is made of PVC, which not only makes it soft, but the mesh easily traps all the excess litter.

And, while it appears heavy in the photos, it was incredibly light for its size when we received it. It claims to be waterproof, but many people complain that it is not waterproof enough, so keep that in mind. We also didn’t have to worry about litter getting stuck in the grooves because it was very easy to wash off.

6. Petlinks Cat Litter Mat


If you want a rubber litter mat that is easy to clean, this is the right choice for you. It has a simple design, but the large holes are large enough to catch all of the excess litter. We were also able to vacuum it prior to washing it.

It has an extremely smooth texture, so any picky kitty with sensitive paws will appreciate it after using it. It is also non-slip and waterproof, so wet messes are no longer a problem. We did, however, notice a strong rubber odour when we first received it. It faded slightly after washing, so keep that in mind if your cat is sensitive to smells.

7. WePet Cat Litter Mat


If you don’t mind a heavy mat and have a sensitive cat, this is the mat for you. It contains no harsh chemicals and is made from the most recent carpet fibre technology. This also makes it very soft to the touch, and the tight mesh traps all the litter before you have to wash or vacuum it.

It is, of course, non-slip and comes in a fairly large size, so you can be confident that your floor will remain clean no matter what. It is waterproof, and your kitty’s sensitive paws will thank you for purchasing this mat.

8. Pieviev Cat Litter Mat


If you find it difficult to vacuum your litter mat on a daily basis, this mat might be just what you’re looking for. It has a double layer, with one mesh layer trapping all the litter and the other keeping it all in one place for you to clean later.

We found it incredibly simple to clean because we simply shook the excess litter back into the litter box, and it was also simple to wash. Not only that, but it has a smooth texture that will not irritate your cat. However, the non-slip background was not as grippy as we had hoped, and it moved around a lot during our testing.

Whatever you decide to buy, keep in mind that a litter mat has to do everything you need it to. Some people require a waterproof litter mat, while others do not. There are many different types of litter mats on the market, but doing some research can help you narrow down all of the options.

We hope our review assisted you in doing so. Do you think we should have mentioned another popular product that we overlooked? If so, please let us know in the comments section below.

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