7 Best Non-Clumping Litter For Kittens and Young Cats

Best Non-Clumping Litter For Kittens and Young Cats

Why would you want to choose non-clumping litter when clumping litter is much easier to clean? After all, clay clumps up and absorbs the majority of the smell after your cat urinates. This is especially true if your cat hides its stool. However, veterinarians recommend using non-clumping litter for kittens because many young cats eat litter, which is bad for their health.

Choosing large pellets or something similar can help keep your kitty healthy. Non-clumping litter also reduces the likelihood of your kitty or you developing respiratory issues. That’s why we decided to test some of the best non-clumping litters on the market and review the best ones according to our testing.

1. Feline Pine Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter


If you’re looking for a low-cost pine litter that will eliminate ammonia odours, this is the litter for you. While it may be slightly more expensive than clay litter, this is true for most pine litters, so we can’t really complain. It is, however, dust-free, and we discovered no tracking after our kitten had finished doing its business.

That does not mean you will not have to clean the litter on a daily basis. If your cat does not like to cover its faecal matter, the pine will not absorb the smell and will only work for urine. However, it still remains a fantastic option, and it is chemical-free, which is always a plus.

2. Cat’s Pride Premium Clay Cat Litter


If you don’t like pine litter and prefer clay that isn’t clumpy, this is a great option for you. In our testing, it absorbs the smell quickly, which was surprising given that it contains no added fragrances. The dust, on the other hand, was the main reason we didn’t want to use it. It does not claim to be dust-free, but this is not the product for people with respiratory issues or a kitten with respiratory issues.

However, it is very reasonably priced, so if you don’t mind a little dust and tracking, this could be a good option for you. Remember to wear a mask when changing the litter if you don’t want your face to be covered in litter.

3. Naturally Fresh Pellet Walnut Cat Litter


If you want something that will eliminate the ammonia odour while remaining dust-free, this is a great option. This is due to the fact that it is made entirely of natural materials, specifically walnut shells. This also prevents kittens from inhaling dust or eating litter, which is what we were looking for.

While this isn’t the best option for eliminating faecal odours, it shouldn’t be a problem if you clean the litter tray on a regular basis. However, we did notice that some of our kittens refused to use it no matter how hard we tried and preferred clay based litter instead, so it all depends on your particular feline.

4. Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Pellet Refills


If you don’t mind making a significant initial investment to ensure that your home is odour and dust free, the breeze system could be ideal for you. This litter requires specially designed litter trays and pads, it does an excellent job of eliminating stench. While it is pricey, one bag is supposed to last a month, so it all evens out.

However, we did notice that our room began to smell before the month was up, so the claims may not be as accurate as we had hoped. Overall, it is a good option, but you will need to open your wallet quite a bit for this system to function properly.

5. Frisco Unscented Non-Clumping Recycled Paper Cat Litter


If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, nothing beats this one from Frisco, which uses 95% recycled paper and claims to absorb all types of odours. However, cleaning is difficult because we couldn’t see which pellets had absorbed all of the urine.

While it is dust-free, we did notice that the wet paper occasionally became stuck to our kitten’s paws, which is never a good thing. It is also on a pricier side, which is one of the reasons we didn’t prefer it over the other in this list. Nonetheless, it is a good option if you don’t have budget constraints.

6. CatSpot organic Non-clumping Coconut Cat Litter


You will not find anything like this product, it uses coconut fibre instead of pine or walnut shells. This ensures that there will be no stench in your home for at least 15 days, according to the company. However, after 10 days, it began to become a little ripe, which is a shame because it is much more expensive than clay litter.

It is biodegradable, which is always a plus, and while it claims to be dust-free, we found quite a bit of it, which meant that our cat was tracking this litter all over the house. This means that if you choose this option, you will need a good litter mat.

7. Jonny Cat Unscented Non-Clumping Clay Cat Litter


This is the most affordable option on this list, but it is not inferior to the others mentioned above. It is non-clumping clay litter, which means there will be dust and tracking. However, the dust was much heavier than we had anticipated, resulting in a dust cloud every time we changed the litter.

This is not for kittens who are still adjusting to litter training and become agitated when using it. While it is fragrance-free, the natural botanicals ensure that you will not be able to smell any odours in your home. Overall, this is a good option for people who only go for clay litter.

These are just a few of the best non-clumping litters on the market that we liked more than others. Some of these are the most popular non-clumping litter on the market and it’s easy to see why. If you’ve recently adopted a kitten and want to litter-train it, this guide will come in handy.

If you think we missed something, please let us know in the comments section below. After all, we are constantly striving to provide you with the best reviews and guides possible.

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