7 Key Things To Consider While Looking For Food And Water Bowls For Cats

Things To Consider While Looking For Food And Water Bowls For Cats

When it comes to buying a food or water bowl for your cat, you just don’t enter a cat store and grab any bowl, there are many factors to consider before you make the final purchase decision. Considerations like what type of material should the bowl be, whether to get a setup that has both the water bowl and the food bowl installed in it together, what is the price point, and so on and so forth.

Today I am going to make this decision very easy for you by letting you know about all the major considerations that you need to make before you chose the bowls best suited for your cat, and purchase them. After all, we all love a nice dish to eat from.

1. Material Of The Bowl

Material of the bowl

When considering what material type should the cat bowls be, please stay as far away as possible from the plastic bowls. Although they are readily available in a lot of stores, they are not a suitable option.

The bowls scratch very easily ruining the overall appeal of the product. Continual usage of the bowl can easily cause gaps to start to form and bacteria can quickly accumulate within them. This can be hazardous to the cat’s health and may also cause them to develop acne.

So what’s the best material to go for? Stainless steel! It is unbreakable, super sturdy, and doesn’t scratch. The appeal of the bowl remains maintained and it is by far the cleanest way to feed your cat.

Even if you don’t want to opt for stainless steel and want to explore options like glass or ceramic, know that plastic should never strike your mind when it comes to making the purchase decision.

2. Depth Of The Bowl

Depth of the cat food bowl

Although more is always better when it comes to delicious food but believe it or not, cats are not great fans of bowls that are too deep. Cats like to have an idea of their environment at all times and if they have to stick their head deep into a bowl to eat, they might feel anxious and uncomfortable not knowing what is happening around them.

So it is always preferred when getting water or a food bowl for your cat, make sure it is shallow, wide, and doesn’t touch the cat’s whiskers because their sensitive selves do not like the feel of that.

3. Place Where You Will Be Placing The Cat Bowl

Location of the bowl

Cats are very picky so where you place their bowls is as important as the kind of bowl you buy for them. Make sure to place the food and water bowls in the house’s most peaceful spot where there are less frequent visits from humans and the environment is relatively quieter. Crazy how the loudest animal doesn’t like eating when there is noise around it.

Also please don’t place the bowls in the spot where the cat poops or pees, in its litter box, because that would make them feel it has been placed in a dirty place and the odors might never want them to eat there.

So an odorless, clean, and quiet spot is the way to go if you want your cat to peacefully munch on its food and sip on its water.

4. Single Bowl Style or Double Bowl Style

Single bowl style or double bowl style

Most Cats don’t like the double bowl style. For some reason, they discourage food and water bowls from being placed together. They might not use either of the two bowls for this reason so it is preferred to use separate bowls placed far from one another, and let the cat decide when it wants to drink the water and when it wants to resume eating.

The double bowl style can only work if both the bowls contain the cat food; one carrying dry food and the other one carrying wet food. This is preferred for cats that like eating both types of foods.

5. Appeal Of The Bowl

Cat Bowl Appeal

Getting served wine in a regular glass instead of a classic wine glass will make you unhappy. The appeal of the container matters a lot. I would go a step further and say it makes the item contained within so much more delicious and enjoyable. Yes, it is a thing of psychology and it applies to cats as well.

So try to explore the market a bit, get something that looks good, that the cat might enjoy using instead of just using the bowls for the sake of it. But you must not let the fancy overshadow all the other considerations mentioned in this guide.

6. You May Require Different Bowls For Different Cats

Different bowls for different cats

Postures, facial structure, and body types vary from cat breed to cat breed. And that might result in you having to get food or a water bowl according to your cat’s physical build-up. You may have a floof that likes eating more so get a bowl that is wider so it can contain a portion size that meets the cat’s needs.

Another example is that of flat-faced cats like the British Shorthair, a Bombay, or a Persian cat. They may not be able to eat or drink from a bowl that is on the ground. So prefer getting bowls that are slightly elevated from the ground and the setup is sort of bent to face the cat directly so they have no problem getting in there.

7. The Price Point

The price point

And last but definitely not least, this is the factor most of you are going to consider before proceeding to all the other considerations. It’s just that you will have to surf the market for your feline to look for the best cat bowl that meets all those, or most of the considerations mentioned above, and still meets your budget.

Cats are like our babies and I am sure all parents like going an extra mile for their babies. So budget may not be a problem entirely for cat owners. And if it is, apply the classic formula of “value for money” and you will have a clear decision in your mind about which cat bowl to purchase.

I really hope these considerations would help you make a better decision when purchasing food and water bowls for your cat. Comment below if you have a helpful tip regarding this that you want to share with us.

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