17 Pictures That Shows How Hilarious Cats Are


Not all cats are grumpy.

While it is true cats are known for being grumpy and angry all the time. Most of them wouldn’t even spare you a second glance after they have gotten what they need from you. But not all of the cats are like that. And this ‘rude’ behavior is part of the charm why we love cats so much.

They can try to be as grumpy as possible but they can never stop being absolutely adorable. maybe that is what makes them so angry since no one takes them seriously. Well, all I know is that cats are naturally funny even when they are trying to be serious. Don’t believe me?

Well, take a look by scrolling on below yourself and tell me what you see.

#1 By the look of his facial expression, he isn’t going to forget.

#2 Yawning and stretching at the same time is not recommended.

#3 I think the sink is too small for this chonky baby.

#4 ‘How dare you leave me alone in this forsaken house?’

#5 What is even happening with his face in this picture?

#6 ‘I said no more pictures!’

#7 When you try to be angry at your boo but end up looking adorable.

#8 They are not happy you forget about them like that.

#9 The song was specifically written for this kitty.

Then again, isn’t every cat like this? One moment they are asking for a pat on the head, the ext they are scratching your eyeballs out. So yes while cats do look adorable, you have to be careful not to bring out their ‘bad’ side.

#10 I think she has swallowed another whole cat.

#11 Me when I’m on a diet.

#12 Is he a half-bat?

#13 She is hardcore judging your life choices right now.

#14 Don’t move and everything will be fine.

#15 Makes complete sense that she would choose this spot.

#16 I think he is very confused right now.

#17 He is not happy that you tricked him into going to the vet.

What behavior does your cat exhibit that you find adorable? Let us know in the comments section below.

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