These Wholesome Stories About Cats That Will Bring A Grin To Your Face (12 Pics)

  • By Asad
  • July 30, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

As anyone with a cat can attest, there are times and situations where our feline friends do something that’s either completely unexpected or so alarmingly wholesome, that you just can’t get over it. For me, it’s whenever my cat wants attention and realises he hasn’t had any in a while, and bumps his forehead against me and meows angrily until I pick him up. I tell that story to everyone who’ll listen, and sometimes people who won’t listen either.

It’s like that for the following Tumblr users as well. Regaling the stories of what their cats did, or what stranger cats did, they got together and gushed over the antics of the friendly feline. The idea that cats aren’t as affectionate as their canine counterparts really couldn’t be further from the truth, because unlike dogs, which were forced into domestication and therefore bred artificially for human companionship, cats domesticated themselves!

#1 Huge drama queens

Cats communicate with humans in funny ways, according to PetCoach.

Most of us read purring as a sign that our cat is content. While this is partially true, it’s more accurate to understand purring as your cat telling you “please don’t stop what you’re doing” or “please don’t go away.” In addition to purring happily while you pet him, purring can also indicate that your cat is scared, sick, or injured, and he wants you to stick around to provide care. In this way, purring is a comfort-seeking behavior.

#2 Eating garbage

#3 Favourite cushion

#4 Social eater

Believe it or not, cats use meowing as a method of communicating only with humans. Among cats there is no universal cat language that uses a variety of meows to chat. Cats only meow because they have learned that it is the best way to communicate with their humans. That said, meows are all-purpose sounds, and various meows mean different things coming from individual cats as they have learned what works best to communicate with their owners. So when it comes to meowing, you’re on your own to determine exactly what your cat is trying to tell you.

#5 Really Big Stupid Hairless Cats

#6 Pure love

#7 Literal angels

In addition to sounds, cats also communicate fluently through body language. Like dogs, cats frequently use their tails to tell us how they feel. An erect tail with relaxed fur indicates a happy cat, whereas the same posture with upright fur is feeling angry or scared. A low, tucked tail means your cat is feeling anxious or insecure, and a thrashing tail means your cat is agitated. Be on the lookout for these signals to determine how your cat is feeling.

#8 Kitty Pryde

#9 Litter box

#10 Tattling

Look for long, slow blinks when you’re with your cat. If you notice your cat doing this, it means he is totally comfortable around you! Cats do this with other cats because in the feline world, closing one’s eyes in front of another is a sign of trust. Similarly, cats use slow blinking as a gesture of acceptance toward their owners. To return the compliment, try blinking slowly back at your cat!

#11 Mittens and Roxy

#12 Depression

What about you? Is this something your speed? Tell us what your cats did in the comments down below!

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