10 Best Automatic Cat Feeders – Reviews, Guide and FAQs

Best Choice
  • Easy to program
  • Capacity up to 7L
  • Easy to clean
  • Option of batteries available
Premium Pack
  • Distribution Alarms
  • Portion Control
  • Voice Recorder
  • Holds up to 20 cups of dry food
Best Value
  • Microchip compatibility
  • 3-year warranty
  • Suitable for both wet and dry food

Raising a cat is not easy. You have to take care of your cat as your own child. So before you decide to adopt a cat, make sure you are ready to take up the responsibility. To keep your cat healthy, you will have to look after its diet and health. If manual feeding isn’t doing the trick for you, you are going to need automatic cat feeders to make sure your cat is well-fed and healthy. Trust us when we say that an automatic cat food dispenser can change your life.

It is impossible to dedicate the entire 24 hours of your day to your cat. Sometimes, you have work to do and leave them unsupervised at home. The problem lies when your cat is hungry while you are not at home. Who is going to feed your cat? They obviously can’t feed themselves. So the best solution you have is a programmable automatic cat feeder!

You will no longer have to worry about your cat starving alone at home. An automatic cat feeder with a timer will disperse just the right amount of food at your scheduled time. These self-feeding cat feeders work for both dry food and wet food. So if you have a picky cat, don’t worry at all! If you are confused as to which timed cat food dispenser you should buy, since the Internet has a lot of options, we listed down 10 of the best automatic cat feeders available right now. Scroll down below to see a narrowed-down list of the multiple cat feeders:

Best Automatic Cat Food Dispensers: Unbiased Reviews

If you want to know more details about the automatic cat food dispenser products we have listed, scroll down below and choose which programmable cat feeder fits your needs perfectly:


This stainless steel automatic cat food feeder by Aolestar can hold up to 7L of cat food. This capacity will provide your cat with food for 18 days on average. This can be just the thing for you if you are away from home for a couple of days and don’t trust anyone else to feed your beloved cat on time. You can call the automatic pet feeder and also leave a 10-second long voice message for your cat, which will keep the bond strong between you and your cat.

The automatic cat feeder is powered by an adapter, but in case there is no power supply, the cat feeder also works on 3 D-size power batteries. The stainless steel and BPA-free plastic feeder parts make the automatic cat feeder easy to clean as well. The Aolestar Automatic Cat Feeder has a very high rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon.


This timed feeder is one of our favorites. Along with a very affordable price, programming this self-feeder is also very easy thanks to its easy-to-use program panel. You can set the meal’s time and size through the panel. This automatic cat feeder also has the option of a voice recorder, so you can leave little messages for your cat so they don’t miss you too badly when you aren’t around.

The automatic cat food dispenser has the latest infrared detection technology which helps prevent overflow or cat food from getting stuck in the hole. The food chute is also angled, so if your cat is a messy eater, this automatic cat food feeder is perfect for you!


  • Capacity up to 7L.
  • Can set the timer for 4 meals per day.
  • Lock design to avoid cat food sprinkles.
  • Dishwasher-safe feeding tray.
  • Infrared induction.


  • Setting the timer for food dispensing can be tricky for some people.
  • Does not provide batteries in the package.
  • The instruction manual may be unclear to some.

If you have more than one cat at home, food stealing and stress during mealtime must be a common problem. The perfect solution to this would be an automatic feeder for multiple cats. The SureFeed microchip feeder for multiple cats is going to give you a lot of value for your money. This automatic cat feeder can feed both dry and cat food, so you will not have to worry about your picky cat eating something they don’t like.

This wet cat food dispenser holds up to 13.5 fl. oz of dry and wet cat food. To help keep the moisture retained in the cat food, the wet food automatic feeder has a lid that closes to form a seal with the neoprene lip. But the best thing about this automatic feeder, which can feed more than 2 cats, is the microchip compatibility! The wet food dispenser works with 9 (Avid Secure), 10 (FDXA) and 15 (FDXB) digit microchip numbers.


  • It has a 3-year warranty.
  • Great for cats on prescription diets.
  • Prevents food stealing.
  • Holds 13.5 fl. oz, wet or dry cat food.
  • Comes with a standard RFID collar tag.


  • Has no barrier on the other end.
  • Uses C batteries.
  • Some cats may find their way around the cat feeder to steal food.
  • May be expensive for some people.

This smartphone remote-controlled automatic cat feeder is just what you’re looking for. It uses 2.4 GHz wireless networks and you can set the timer for the automatic cat food dispenser to feed meals to your cat whenever you want. The automatic pet feeder can feed 2 cats and feed up to 10 meals per day. You receive a feeding notification on your phone and there is an embedded LED indicator inside the automatic cat food feeder.

The device will alert you of cat food shortages as well. How convenient! This device will also give you your value for money and you can control the feeder from anywhere you are with the help of your smartphone!


  • Duo-lock system.
  • High-precision impellers.
  • Back-up batteries enabled.
  • Detachable design.


  • 5 GHz wireless network not supported.
  • No sounds or voice recorders.
  • Requires installation of an app.
  • Cats may play with the door and damage it.

This automatic cat feeder by PetSafe dispenses both dry and wet food. You no longer have to worry about your cat missing meals if you aren’t home or are asleep. This is one of the best automatic cat feeders out there which lets you schedule your cat’s meals and holds up to 24 cups of dry and semi-wet food. It provides flexible portion options from 1/8 cup to 4 cups per meal. For power, you can either use D-cell alkaline batteries or plug it in with a power adapter. It also has a slow dispense option if your cat tends to eat too fast.

The wet food automatic feeder will slowly dispense the cat food over 15 minutes. Thanks to the option of batteries, this can also be used as an outdoor automatic cat feeder. You can also purchase the 2 meal splitter along with the automatic cat feeder if you are planning to feed multiple cats.


  • A portable feeder can be placed anywhere.
  • Pet-proof dispenser.
  • Has a 2 meal splitter attachment option.
  • Slow feed option available.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Power adapter sold separately.
  • More expensive than other automatic cat feeders.
  • Not suitable for multiple cats or big pets.

Feed your cat from your phone through this automatic cat food dispenser by PetSafe. Install the smart feed app on your smartphone and schedule up to 12 meals per day for your cat. The programmable cat feeder provides portions of 1/8 cup to 4 cups, which you can set according to your cat’s diet. You do not need a 24/7 WIFI connection, the scheduled meals will not stop if the device is not connected to a wireless network. The timed cat food dispenser also has 4 D cell alkaline batteries as a backup.

The material is also safe for dishwashers. A slow feed option is also available so your hungry cat does not gobble up the food all at once only to throw it up later.


  • Hands-free convenience through Amazon Alexa.
  • Flexible portions.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Lock feature.


  • Dry food only.
  • Expensive.

The CSF-3 Super Feeder automatic cat food dispenser can feed your cat several cups of dry food up to 48 meals per day. The automatic cat feeder can use a home automation system and hold 4 and 3/4 cups of food. You can also increase this capacity by adding 2-cup clear extensions.

The automatic cat feeder is easy to operate and uses a 12VDC switching power supply. It can easily be used as an automatic feeder for 2 or more cats. You can also attach a camera to this device.


  • Enables slow feeding and a controlled diet.
  • The feeder is dependable.
  • Minor assembly is required.
  • Can be mounted on walls.


  • Dry food only.
  • The timer makes a noise.
  • The feeder is too light.

This WOPET automatic cat feeder schedules up to 6 automated feedings per day. The self-feeder is easy to program using the small LCD screen. There is a built-in sensor inside the programmable cat feeder that alerts you when the cat food is running out. The meals contain portion controls as well. The option of a voice recorder and speaker is also available so your cat won’t feel your absence too much.

The device is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. The device has a 4lbs capacity and is powered by an adapter. Backup batteries are also available.


  • Infrared Detection Technology.
  • Built-in low food alarm.
  • User friendly.
  • Dual power supply.


  • Dry food only.
  • Cats may figure out that it dispenses food if they nudge it.
  • Portion sizes are not specified.

Keep your cat healthy with this WOPET automatic cat food dispenser. With a very user-friendly LCD, it will be very easy to program the cat feeder timer. You can schedule up to 4 meals a day. The automatic cat feeder also has a built-in voice recorder and speaker, so you can leave your fur baby messages while you are away. It is easy to clean as disassembling is very simple, so you do not need to go into technical details.

It supports cat food pellets ranging from 0.2-0.6 inches in diameter. The automatic cat food dispenser uses an adapter but also has 3 D-size batteries as a backup. It comes with a manual so you can customize meal frequency. The package provides a USB cable as well.


  • The locking cap makes it cat-proof.
  • Portion sizes can be chosen for your cat.
  • Dual power sources.
  • Built-in voice recorder and speaker.


  • Batteries are sold separately.
  • Turning off the device messes with the clock.
  • The voice record volume is low.

This automatic cat feeder also comes with a water dispenser and a free pet mat! The automatic cat food dispenser holds up to 6lbs of dry cat food and 1 gallon of water. The automatic cat feeder is made of safe, non-toxic materials and the food and water holders are translucent so you can see inside. The feeders have a wide mouth to allow easy access for your cat. It also has an anti-skid bottom so your cat won’t slide and knock it over. The automatic cat feeder is also dishwasher safe. However, this is a gravity feeder so it can not schedule meal times or control portion sizes.

The automatic cat feeder will only fill up the bowl as your cat starts to empty it. So this might not be the best option for you if you are trying to control your cat’s diet.


  • Good capacity.
  • Thousands of positive reviews from cat owners.
  • BPA-free.
  • Nontoxic material.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • No portion control.
  • No timers.
  • No wet food.
  • Complaints of leaks have been made by some reviewers.

Best Automatic Cat Feeders Buying Guide & FAQs

Types of Cat food feeders:

  • Traditional cat bowl:
    These are the traditional bowls that we manually put food into for our cats.
  • Gravity cat feeders:
    These cat food feeders fill up the bowl as it starts to empty.
    Automatic cat feeders:
    Automatic cat food feeders can be programmed to dispense a specific portion at a specific time.
  • Elevated cat feeders:
    These cat bowls have a base that is risen from the ground to avoid strain on your cat’s neck if it is old.
  • Interactive cat feeders:
    Involves mazes and games that reward your cat with food.
  • Slow cat feeder:
    Designed to allow your cat to eat slowly by having separators in the bowl.
  • Smart cat feeders:
    These feeders help you weigh the amount of cat food you place in the bowl.

Benefits of using automatic cat food feeders:

  • Saves Time:
    Creates a time schedule for your cat’s meals. This way you can keep track of when and how much your cat is eating.
  • Weight Management:
    Stops them from overeating. The best solution for cats that need to go on a diet.
  • No need for a pet sitter:
    The automatic cat feeder will dispense food on time whenever you have to be away from home.


What to know about automatic cat feeders?

Automatic cat feeders are used to dispensing a specific amount of food for your cat at a scheduled time. It is also used to regulate your cat’s diet if they have a habit of overeating. These automatic pet feeders can easily be used to control your cat’s calories if they are meant to be on a diet to stay healthy. They are not difficult to operate and program.

How does an automatic cat feeder work?

Automatic cat feeders are programmable, so there is usually a small LCD screen on the self-feeder so you can schedule the time and number of meals for your cat. These come with instruction manuals and the cat feeders are not usually hard to program. Electronic automatic cat feeders provide you with the option of choosing portion sizes and scheduled meals so your cat does not overeat. Some automatic cat food dispensers also have built-in voice recorders and speakers so your cat won’t feel too lonely if you are not around.

What is the best automatic cat feeder?

In our opinion, we have listed some of the best automatic cat feeders in our list above. So far, the Aolestar, WOPET, and SureFeed automatic cat feeders have the best features and reviews so far.

How to get your cat to eat from an automatic feeder?

It takes time for cats to adapt to changes and get used to new devices in the house. You can start by making them comfortable around the automatic cat food dispenser. Keep it unplugged and place it next to your cat’s regular food bowls. Slowly, start transferring the food from the bowls to the automatic cat feeder.

Are automatic cat feeders a good idea?

If you are usually absent at home and can’t take your cat with you, it would be best to get an automatic cat feeder that will feed your cat scheduled meals when you are away.

Are automatic feeders for cats safe?

There is essentially nothing in automatic cat feeders that can harm your cat. The worst that can happen is that the device might malfunction and miss a meal, which is why it is best to not rely on it 100%.

How long should it take a cat to empty an automatic feeder?

Each automatic dispenser has a different capacity for holding food. The duration of cat food lasting in the automatic cat feeder depends on:
1-Capacity of the cat food dispenser
2-Frequency of meals
3-Portion size of meals
It is important to note that cats are smart creatures. Even though most of these automatic cat feeders are pet-proof, some cats might find a way around them and steal the food. This is natural in some cases as the cat might figure out the feeder’s mechanism with time. This is not a fault in the design, but just something that can happen if you have a very naughty and intelligent cat.

Would you like to ask any more questions? Have you used any of these automatic cat feeders before? Voice your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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