8 Cozy Cat Beds For Your Cat To Rest in

Cozy Cat Beds For Your Cat To Rest in

Cats don’t mind napping on the ground, and there’s nothing wrong with not getting your cat a bed if you have plenty of fluffy carpets around. There are times, however, when your cat needs a warm bed. This is especially true in the winter when they require additional warmth. Furthermore, cats with health issues such as arthritis do not feel comfortable on hard surfaces, so you may need to invest in a comfortable bed for them.

I know that many cats would prefer to lie in the cardboard box the bed came in rather than the item you spent a significant amount of money on. If your cat isn’t like that, we have plenty of other recommendations for you. We thoroughly tried and tested each of these beds and chose some of the best from the ones currently available on the market.

1. MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Cave

MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Cave

This cave-style bed is a great option if your cat enjoys covered beds and needs some alone time. My cat adored this particular bed and jumped as soon as I brought it out. It also doesn’t take up much space because you can collapse it and convert it into a traditional bed, giving you two beds in one.

It was roughly 19 by 19 inches, which meant that even our largest cat could stretch out in this bed. I also liked that it comes in a variety of adorable colors, so you can be sure that it will not clash with your existing furniture. It was also very simple to clean, and a vacuum cleaner did the trick in no time. One thing to note is that, while it did keep its shape, it doesn’t hold up very well if your cat is particularly ferocious.

2. Kordes Cozy Wicker Cat Bed

Kordes Cozy Wicker Cat Bed

If you want a cat cave-styled bed with a bit more structure that will keep its shape throughout everything, this wicker cat cave is a perfect choice. It is also much easier to clean than felt beds, as you only need to wipe it down. However, it is a little smaller in size, so our large Persian kitty couldn’t fit in comfortably, but our smaller kittens had a great time playing and cozying up in it.

It comes with a small pillow to place inside the wicker bed to keep your cat comfortable. This bed’s design is brilliant, and it will blend in perfectly if you have a lot of wicker furniture in your home. Our kitty was initially wary of it but soon fell in love with it.

#3 BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Pet Bed

BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Pet Bed

This is an excellent choice if you want something extra plush for your elderly cat or if your cat simply prefers fluffy beds. It is, of course, faux fur, and it is also made from recycled materials, so you don’t have to worry about additional environmental damage. In our experience, it was quite simple to clean because we simply threw it in the wash and it came out perfectly clean.

However, air-drying is not recommended because it will become severely matted, so machine-drying is recommended. It is also quite large, as our largest cat could comfortably sleep on it. While not every cat will like it because it is not a covered bed, for those who do not like being confined, this could be the solution.

4. Haru Haru Furball Cat Sofa

Haru Haru Furball Cat Sofa

When it comes to a half-covered cat bed, this one offers the best of both worlds. With the back covered, your cat will feel more secure while also not feeling trapped. Not only that, but the fluffy ball suspended from the bed will keep them occupied for hours.

When it comes to cleaning the bed, you have several options. It came with a machine-washable, removable pad, and the bottom of the bed is also moisture-resistant, so it has that going for it. However, if that sounds like too much effort for you throwing the entire thing in the washing machine worked perfectly for us as well, and it didn’t lose its shape at all once it dried completely. It comes in two sizes, so you won’t have to worry about your bigger cat not fitting in.

5. Furhaven ThermaNAP Quilted Faux-Fur Self-Warming Mat

Furhaven ThermaNAP Quilted Faux-Fur Self-Warming Mat

If all of the other beds on this list seem too fancy for your cat, this self-heating mat might be just what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles, but it does have a thermal sheet sewn into the blanket to keep your kitty warm while napping on it. It was also very simple to clean because we simply threw the mat into the washing machine and it came out perfectly.

While it is only a mat, it is quilted and covered in faux fur, so your cat does not feel like she is sleeping on the ground. It is also significantly less expensive than many other beds on the market. It comes in two sizes and a variety of patterns and colors, allowing you to easily find the perfect bed to match your cat’s personality.

6. The Cat Ball

The Cat Ball Shark cave bed

This bed is ideal for those looking for a bed with a unique and fun character for their cat. As you can see in the image, the shark-themed cat ball is adorable, and your cat will adore it. However, if you are not a big fan of sharks, there are plenty of other options for this brand.

This particular cat bed is a little pricey, but the quality of the bed is excellent and it held its shape easily even when our kitty squished it down. It is also machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it. It is also not completely closed off because there is an opening at the back that allows your cat to come and go as she pleases. However, we do not recommend this bed for larger cats.

7. MidWest QuietTime Deluxe Ombré Swirl

MidWest QuietTime Deluxe Ombré Swirl

If you need something to put in your cat’s crate, this fluffy mat is perfect. During our testing, the smaller size fit perfectly in the crate and made our cat less anxious when we took her to the vet. Not only that, but if your cat prefers cardboard boxes and refuses to use any bed you buy, you can simply place this in the box and provide your kitty with the luxury she deserves.

However, if your cat is prone to peeing on soft surfaces, we recommend not putting it on your furniture because the liquid will soak through the mat and onto the furniture. However, it is very simple to clean and can be thrown into the washing machine. It is not only very affordable, but it also comes in over seven sizes, so that aspect is definitely covered.

8. Omega Paw Scratch’n Massage Bed

Omega Paw Scratch’n Massage Bed

If your cat will not go near anything other than a cardboard box but you want to give her something special, this two-in-one bed is ideal. It not only serves as a scratching post, but it also has the appearance of a cardboard box. This bed won’t keep your cat warm, but it’s a great option for those who always have their heaters on and need something to keep their kitty entertained.

My cat was obsessed with the chin scratcher and would not leave this bed alone. It may not appear to be much, but it is a significant improvement over a cardboard box. It also includes several layers of scratching pads, so you can simply remove the damaged pad when your cat is finished with it. In our experience, it is definitely more durable than a cardboard box.

So which Bed is Best for your Cat?

While we would like to provide a definitive answer, there is no perfect answer. It all depends on how active your cat is and what she prefers. Some cats dislike anything made of wool, while others dislike being confined. So the only way to find out what your cat likes is to conduct some tests.

I usually give him a cardboard box in various shapes and sizes to see which one he prefers. If your cat prefers the box closed, an enclosed cat ball will suffice, but if he prefers it open, a fluffy doughnut bed may be the perfect fit for your cat.

At the end of the day, the cat decides what they like and dislike, and all we can do is listen to our masters.

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