40 Photos Of Soldiers On Duty Befriending Cats And It’s Adorable AF

  • By Zarish
  • August 3, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

We all are aware of how difficult soldiers lives really are. They have to live away from their families, risk their lives to protect ours. They spend special occasions and festivals far away from their families, in deserted places near the borders. They do all this for their country’s honor and safety. It’s definitely a huge responsibility and a very big risk. They have to face gun fires and combats which can lead to trauma and PTSD.

Research shows that 15% of of all veterans die because of suicide, which is clearly not a very low rate. This is really sad and heart breaking because this shows how difficult and tough their lives can be. With so many difficulties, sometimes it’s nice to see that soldiers find comfort in little things such as animals. The often run into some of the cutest ones! Soldiers are often seen snuggling up with little felines. Felines, just like dogs, are little experts in taking our worries and stress away with their cuteness.

It’s such an amazing sight. Truly wonderful to see how they find a home away from home just because of these little adorable cats. Check it out yourself!

1. Heya Sir! I am here to help

2. Because safety comes first!

Snuggling inside the vest because it is safer.

3. My favorite food and my favorite soldier man.

4. They share a special bond

These cuties make the perfect duo!

5. This tiny wittle kitty fits in his hand!

How adorable! This looks like a newly born kitty. Poor baby can’t even open its eyes.

6. Such a wholesome moment!

Priorities: Feed the kitty.

7. Deployed soldier making new friends.

8. Snuggle buddies!


9. They look so happy together.

10. Two shoulders to carry two cats!

Because having two cats is better than having one.

11. This tiny kitty just crawled up and curled up!

12. Finally found the purfect spot!

Cats comfort is the most important thing!

13.Fight. Fight for our souls! And also take me with you!

14. Petting this lovely cat, surely a beautiful moment!

Soldiers do need such small precious moments amongst the war and terror!

15. Lil fur balls.

So tiny and cute!!

16. Your job is so pet me, not save the country.

17. Soldiers chests make great beds to felines!

18. This man is not just loved by one cat… But so many!

Because you can never have enough cats.

19. The dog, the soldier and the other soldier are all interested in the kitty!

20. Tiny pair of fluff balls!

Seems like officer is having a great time with these cuties!

21. Haha, looks like cat is done playing with the soldier.

Hands up you lil cat!

22. Keeping the cat comfy!

23. Why isn’t the cat as happy as the soldier?

Cats don’t like humans as much as humans like cats..Sad.

24. Hey Mr. Soldier, it was nice meeting you!

25. Cats are ready to fight along side their men.

Aren’t these images really soothing? Scroll down, we have more for you!

26. That look says it all…

27. When you can’t keep your eyes off this beautiful cat!

A charming site!

28. Feeding the cat is the best way to bribe it!

Aww, this man is such a precious person! So adorable!

29. Come here you cute lil thing!

A moment of serenity!

30. I caught a fish once it was THIS BIG!

31. Partners in patrol!

We’re gonna save the country together hooman!

32. Look at his smile!

Cats know how to instantly put a smile on your face!

33. They all want to hold and pet the cat!

Wait Lucas, let me pet him! Wait for your turn.

34. Sergeant cat reporting for duty!

umm.. Not sure how we say it.

35. I’ve got your back.

This is a BUTT KITTY!!

36.A little happiness in an ugly world.

37. Cat: I ain’t leavin

38. Awesome knows his priorities!

He really is awesome.

39. A little bit to the left.

Just gimme a signal and I will shoot!

40. You two are made for each other!

Both of them are so cute. Soldiers expressions show real happiness!

Hope these images cheered you up like these cats cheered up the soldiers! What are your thoughts and opinions about the cat and soldiers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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