20 Funny Tweets By Cat Owners That Shows What Cats Really Are Like

  • By Zarish
  • August 3, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Sometimes I wonder if cats were the way they are from the very beginning? They are really naughty and they tend to do everything they are not supposed to do. They would never play with you, hug you or give you a kiss when you want them to, in fact they will scratch your face or arms. But as soon as you get busy with your other important work they’d come running to you for attention. They won’t even hesitate to show affection at that point. Strange little creatures!

Cats are also the laziest animals during the day. They would literally just keep sitting in one place, eat and sleep. However, just as soon as it gets dark and it’s nighttime, they suddenly get all charged up. This is also the time when their brain starts coming up with unique ways to get our attention and annoy us. But knowing us, cat lovers, not like we can stay mad at them for too long. Their adorableness wins our hearts and we just end up forgiving them all together. We would even get them more toys – which obviously they don’t ever want to play with.

The following cat tweets that we have collected for you are an example of how mischievous and awesome cats can be! Scroll down and see.

1. Fashion-cat-sta?

2. I am just meow-ing, chill out hooman.

3. My life my rules!

4. Keeping things where they belong.

5. Can I have this cat?

6. Cat is the youngest sibling.

7. This cloth now belongs to me.

8. Spoiling the cats with some amazing art.

9. You had one job!

10. But you is not my hooman..

11. Imma drink from the glass.

12. This is one worried cat.

13. Showing of my manicure like..

14. Catcraft

15. I hope you can’t see me.

16. Cats will always do opposite of what you tell them to do.

17. Luke, you unfaithful cat..

18.  High on catnip.

19. The awkward eye contact

20. Need to get a better view.

These tweets were actually really entertaining. What are you thoughts and opinions about the cats, do you relate to some of the above mentioned tweets? Let us know in the comments section!

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